Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 11/16/2010

LastDayWatchers you see how God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations will keep coming into focus, inside the viewfinder of your LOUPE?

IRAQ - Gunmen kill 2 Christians in northern Iraq

"Gunmen killed two Christians in Iraq's northern city of Mosul in the latest assault on the country's dwindling Christian community, officials said Tuesday.

Iraq's Christians are still reeling from last month's assault on a Baghdad Catholic church that killed 68 people. An al-Qaida group claimed responsibility for the shocking four-hour siege in which 58 worshippers died inside the church that militants had stormed during a Sunday Mass.

And just days after the church slaughter, militants attacked houses of Christians across Baghdad, killing five people. The same al-Qaida front group took responsibility for those assaults as well, saying they and the church siege were in line with Islamic extremists' resolve to strike Christians in Iraq and wherever they can be found."

Afghanistan - "The fact that empty posts outnumber assassinated officials is evidence that the fear campaign is working"

Taliban "kill elders, the officials, the doctors, the engineers," says Abdul Haq, an Achekzai tribal elder who lives in the Horn. "This will put pressure on the people. Last year they killed many people in Panjwaii district, and the government couldn't stop this killing."

Rubbing his cropped gray hair and speaking softly, Mr. Haq recalled the murder of a teenage boy who had joined the police. The Taliban "had spies within the government who [sold him out], and after questioning him and hearing out his story, they killed him" in the mulberry grove where he had gone to pick fruit. "It was the third time they had arrested him. He was 17."

Even in Kandahar City, which is nominally under government control, Taliban assassinations of authority figures have proven extremely effective. Kandahar's deputy mayor was gunned down earlier this year, and his successor met the same fate. A senior warden at Kandahar jail was killed in a drive-by shooting on Nov. 6. The deputy head of the provincial adult literacy department was shot two days before.

Although exact figures are hard to come by, local media have reported more than 600 local government vacancies following a string of murders."

Despite Gains, Afghan Night Raids Split U.S. and Karzai

"As recently as early July, Special Operations forces were carrying out an average of five raids a night, mostly in southern Afghanistan. But in a 90-day period that ended Nov. 11, Special Operations forces were averaging 17 missions a night, conducting 1,572 operations over three months that resulted in 368 insurgent leaders killed or captured, and 968 lower-level insurgents killed and 2,477 captured, according to NATO statistics.

Many Afghans see the raids as a flagrant, even humiliating symbol of American power, especially when women and children are rousted in the middle of the night. And protests have increased this year as the tempo has increased.

In one high-profile encounter in February, 23 Afghan male civilians were killed and 12 Afghan women and children were wounded in a helicopter attack when Army Special Forces were operating in a village in Oruzgan Province. An Air Force investigation concluded that a Predator drone operator had dismissed two warnings about the presence of youths in the area before military commanders ordered the helicopter to attack."

That fact that God has done so is the reason why ever single prophecies of the May 15th Prophecy has come true, is coming true and will have came true when the prophecy becomes complete,  including the exact role Turkey would play (See: Slide Show Synopsis)

At Turkey’s Insistence, NATO Will Not Name Iran As a Missile Threat

"Ahead of a key summit this week, NATO’s secretary-general has confirmed that the alliance will not identify Iran as a threat requiring the deployment of a NATO-wide missile defense umbrella in Europe.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s comment indicates that Turkey, a NATO member, will get its way on the matter. Turkey’s Islamist-leaning government has deepening political and economic ties with Tehran, and it has insisted that Iran not be singled out in NATO documents.

Turkish foreign ministry officials told media organizations last month that neither Iran nor Syria should be cited as threats in official NATO documents relating to the missile shield, because doing so would cause problems between Turkey and those neighbors.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul reiterated that stance this week, telling the BBC’s Turkish service that Turkey would “definitely not accept” the mentioning of one country, Iran.

“The fact is that more than 30 countries have – or are aspiring to get – missile technologies with a range sufficient to hit targets in the Euro-Atlantic area. And we want to protect ourselves against any such threats,” he told reporters “So there is no reason to name specific countries because there are already a lot of them.”

The Obama administration also appears to be backing away from mentioning Iran in the context of the missile defense threat."

As you see the May 15th Prophecy 100% accurate again!, written at LastDayWatchers