Monday, November 1, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 11/01/2010

LastDayWatchers you see how "false" are the false prophets?, that would have you believe there was a great "revival" for "Christianity" going on in Iraq because of the "freedoms" brought on by the "liberation" from the "tyrant" Saddam Hussein?(remember Joel Rosenberg was claiming this in his book Epicenter? all the others false prophets were saying the same thing as well)

So while the millions were and still are being deceived, the May 15th Prophecy has given you the 100% accurate truth about Iraq by reason of God Curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations

Fifty-two killed in Iraq church raid

"An al Qaeda attack that killed 52 hostages and police in a Catholic church in Baghdad was aimed at driving the embattled Christian minority out of the country, Iraq's human rights minister said on Monday

"What happened was more than a catastrophic and tragic event. In my opinion, it is an attempt to force Iraqi Christians to leave Iraq and to empty Iraq of Christians," Human Rights Minister Wijdan Michael, a Christian, said at the scene.

Al Qaeda's Iraqi affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq, claimed responsibility in a statement posted on Islamist websites for the attack on "the dirty den of idolatry."

“It’s a horrible scene. More than 50 people were killed. The suicide vests were filled with ball bearings to kill as many people as possible. You can see human flesh everywhere. Flesh was stuck to the top roof of the hall. Many people went to the hospitals without legs and hands.”

The violence began shortly after 5 p.m. on Sunday. The gunmen first attacked the Baghdad stock exchange in the Karada neighborhood, killing two security guards and wounding four others, setting off two bombs and then taking refuge in the nearby Sayidat al-Nejat church"

"The massacre has left many members of Iraq's remaining 550,000 Christians questioning whether they can remain in the war-ravaged country"

which has seen numerous attacks against churches over the past eight years. The forecourt of the church and its sandstone walls were left stained with blood and bomb damage, with rows of wrecked pews inside revealing the extent of the violence, which took place in two waves.

"Two-third of Iraq's Christians have fled their homes – many abroad"

according to Human Rights Watch. While they made up less than 5 percent of Iraq's population when the war began (about 1 million), they now constitute an estimated 10 percent of internally displaced Iraqis and 20 percent of Iraqi refugees in neighboring nations, according to a 2009 report from The Christian Science Monitor.

Their displacement not only threatens to end Christianity's 2,000-year history in Iraq, it also deprives the country of a huge swath of middle-class professionals at a critical time. Since no Christian was able to have a government job under Saddam Hussein, university graduates became lawyers, doctors, and engineers. Crucial to Iraq's recovery, they are now scattered, afraid to return.

"The scale of the problem is total, and it has created an existential crisis," says Michael Youash of the Iraq Sustainable Democracy Project, who campaigns on behalf of Iraqi Christians. "It may be that in 20 years there could be no more Christians in Iraq."

"Iraqi Christians, who have been frequent targets for Sunni insurgents"

have left in droves since the 2003 U.S.-led war. Catholics used to represent 2.89 percent of the population in 1980; by 2008 they were just 0.89 percent.

One Iraqi man who identified himself only as Abu Sami for security reasons, said his wife was inside the church during the attack. Although she was unharmed, he said he feared that the church siege signaled a new round of violence by militants against Iraq's Christian community.

"I expect the coming attacks will be worse in the future since the government is doing nothing to protect us. We are peaceful people and never harmed any of our fellow countrymen, so we do not understand the reasons behind such evil attacks," he said.

"Many Christians now believe that they do not have any hope in Iraq and the best thing to survive is to seek another country to live in"

"Iraqi militias threatened me, saying I was on the side of the Americans because I am Christian," Karim told the AP. "They said I would be killed if I stayed in Iraq."

Now he lives in Damascus with his wife and five children.

"I have left behind my house and everything to escape with my family," he said.

Many other Iraqi Christians living in Syria refused to speak to the AP. They said they fear militias may exact revenge on their families in Iraq"

Which is why the failures will continue to  mount up

Taliban briefly overruns Afghan district, abducts 16 police officers

"The Taliban didn't even need to fire a shot. A band of insurgents overran a small rural district in eastern Afghanistan before dawn on Monday, setting government buildings and vehicles ablaze and abducting at least 16 police officers, provincial authorities said.

Some observers warned that the overnight incident in the Khogyani district of Ghazni province was symptomatic of an intensifying Taliban push in parts of the country other than the south, the movement's traditional stronghold

The fate of the abducted Afghan officers was unknown, and provincial officials said the brief takeover underscored the growing vulnerability of isolated districts in a province where the insurgency has been growing stronger"

Ghazni's geographic position is strategic; the main highway between the capital, Kabul, and the south's main city of Kandahar runs through it. NATO supply convoys come under frequent attack when they pass through the province.

"The security situation is very bad in Ghazni -- in many parts of the province, the government has no control," said Qayum Sajadi, a member of parliament from the province. "The Taliban has the upper hand."

Most of Ghazni was deemed too dangerous to hold voting in September's parliamentary elections"

Afghan Police Unit Defects en Masse to Taliban Side

"For months, American and Afghan officials have been promoting a plan to persuade masses of rank-and-file Taliban fighters to change sides and join the government. The tactic, known as “reintegration,” is one of the big hopes for turning the tide in the war.

But the Taliban, it appears, have reintegration plans of their own. On Monday morning, they claimed to have put them into effect.

In Khogeyani, a volatile area southwest of the capital, the entire police force on duty Monday morning appears to have defected to the Taliban side. A spokesman for the Taliban said the movement’s fighters made contact with the Khogeyani’s police force, cut a deal, and then sacked and burned the station. As many as 19 officers vanished, as did their guns, trucks, uniforms and food.

Even the local police chief, who missed the attack, said he suspected a defection en masse.

“This was not an attack but a plot,” said Mohammed Yasin, the chief of the Khogeyani police force. “The Taliban and the police made a deal.”

The Taliban exist in and around the district centers, and we have our own judges, courts, district governors and other officials,” he said. “We do our guerrilla attacks and then leave the district center. This is just a building.”

Causing you to continue to see in your lens the gates opening up and the expansion to the extensions spoken of by the May 15th Prophecy

Yemen, the new crucible of global terrorism

"The axis of terror got bigger yesterday. After the presence of explosives in two packages bound for the US was confirmed – and a suspected 24 more discovered – their place of origin entered the big league as a crucible of deadly and disruptive terrorism. As Magnus Ranstorp, one of the world's leading experts on the issue, told The Independent on Sunday: "Yemen has become the new Afghanistan."

Al-Qa'ida goes back a long way in Yemen. It is Osama bin Laden's ancestral home, and one of the group's first attacks took place there in 1998, when 16 tourists were kidnapped. Its strength, and fortunes, fluctuated, and then, in January 2009, a former bin Laden aide, Nasser Abdul Karim al-Wuhayshi, announced the forging of strands in Yemen and Saudi Arabia into "al-Qa'ida of Jihad Organisation in the Arabian Peninsula".

It soon began to earn a reputation as the most aggressive arm of al-Qa'ida's globally scattered hubs of sympathisers and affiliate groups. In August 2009 came the attempted assassination of Saudi Arabia's security chief, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. Then, a few months later, the attempt to down an airliner over Detroit by Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, which failed when the device in his underpants failed to detonate. Abdulmutallab had visited Yemen and had been in contact with militants there. In April this year, an al-Qa'ida suicide bomber almost succeeded in assassinating Tim Torlot, Britain's ambassador to Yemen. And earlier this month, terrorists targeted Fiona Gibb, the deputy chief of the UK embassy in the capital, Sana'a.

Dr Ranstorp, research director at the Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defence College, said yesterday: "One of the significant issues we're seeing is the number of foreign fighters going to Yemen. The German authorities are very worried. At least 70 Germans are thought to be in training camps, with about 200 travelling there in the last two years." Whitehall sources say about 30 Britons are believed to be training there

With US help, the Yemeni government has stepped up a military operation against al-Qa'ida sympathisers based in remote areas of the country"

Al-Qaeda in Yemen Becoming More Lethal

"It's too early to panic, but we should seriously start wondering whether the bombs found on airplanes in Dubai and Britain are signs of a new, more dangerous wave of terrorism. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano described the bombs as having "all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda." But the more ominous truth is that these bombs have the hallmark of a higher degree of professionalism than we've ever seen come out of al-Qaeda. If al-Qaeda indeed made them, they've teamed up with true professionals.

There have been various unconfirmed intelligence reports that some of these accomplished bombmakers, including the man who hid PETN in Samsonite suitcases, have sneaked into Yemen and are now allied with groups that claim allegiance to al-Qaeda. They're helping make bombs for the Yemeni militants and teaching them to make them themselves.

Something else that should worry us about Yemen is that the militants there appear to have better intelligence and organization than al-Qaeda has shown in the past.

Had the Yemeni suicide bomber managed to kill the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, it would have been a disaster for Saudi Arabia as well as the U.S. The intelligence chief is the man credited with turning back al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, arresting most of the major networks and convincing Saudi Arabia's hard-line clerics to stop supporting Osama bin Laden's jihad. For those pessimists (like me) who thought Saudi Arabia would never defeat its militants, this man pulled off nothing short of a miracle. His would-be assassins knew exactly who to go after.

the battlefront has moved to Yemen — the Obama Administration had better start boning up on Yemeni tribal politics."

And the popping of the popcorn just as the May 15th Prophecy told you it would (See: The Cut Down, the Coagulation and the Contractions)

Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano erupted on Monday for the third time in a week

"Driving the number of refugees to almost 70,000, as the death toll from a tsunami thousands of kilometers to the west rose to 431, officials said.

The fresh eruption forced a thick ash cloud around 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) into the air above Merapi, which sits on the outskirts of Yogyakarta city in Central Java, and caused panicked residents to flee villages on the slopes of the mountain for safety shelters.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency said that 38 people have been killed and 69,533 evacuated since Merapi began erupting last week, while Indonesia's vulcanology agency warned that flights around Yogyakarta may be disrupted.

Scientists are also monitoring increased activity at two other volcanoes, Mount Anak Krakatau in the Sunda strait and Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra, an official from the vulcanology agency said.

Merapi's third eruption comes as Indonesian disaster officials are struggling to deliver aid to the remote Mentawai islands in Sumatra province, where a 7.5 magnitude quake triggered a tsunami last week.

The tsunami killed 431 people and another 88 are still missing, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency said"

With 100% accuracy see what is about to happen next by reading  the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers