Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 10/05/2010

LastDayWatchers as you view how foolish are the actions of men who pursue failed policy's bordering on  stupidity (thats being kind) because it is really insanity through self will!

See therefore how God Curse will continue to weaken the position of Manasseh and Israel

"A wave of bombings and shootings have hit Baghdad and elsewhere in the recent weeks"

"Gunmen in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul ambushed and killed the director of the city's crime lab Tuesday in the latest targeted killing of security officials and government workers around Iraq, Gunmen blocked the car of Col. Mohammed Aziz near his home in Mosul and opened fire with weapons fitted with silencers"

Therefore keep a 12 o'clock view on Lebanon because only you know the real truth that has only been highlighted by the May 15th Prophecy; confirmed by the Word of God (See: The Cut Down, the Coagulation and the Contractions)

-"Many Lebanese fear that turmoil could erupt in the fragile country if the Netherlands-based court accuses Hezbollah"

"The case has already opened tensions within the government, which is led by Hariri's son Saad. Hezbollah and its allies have pressured the government to stop cooperation with the tribunal, a step Saad Hariri has rejected.

Now, Syria and Hezbollah have stepped up attempts to discredit the tribunal, contending that "false witnesses" who gave misleading or fabricated testimony to U.N. investigators have irretrievably poisoned the case.

This week, Syria's judiciary issued arrest warrants against 33 people for allegedly misleading the investigation, among them figures close to Saad Hariri, including his media adviser, several judges, senior security officers and journalists working in Hariri-owned media outlets

Prime Minister Saad Hariri recently acknowledged that false witnesses "misled the investigation damaged Lebanese-Syrian relations and politicized the investigation." But the government has not moved to put them on trial

The tribunal could issue indictments as early as this month. Tribunal officials have not yet named any individuals or countries as suspects, but Hezbollah's leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, has said he expects members of his group to be indicted. He dismissed the tribunal as an Israeli plot and vowed not to hand anyone over for prosecution."

"The two false witnesses" Mohammed Zuheir Siddiq and Fares Khashan, The Four Generals are Jamil Sayyed, Ali al-Hajj, Raymond Azar and Mustafa Hamdan"

who respectively headed the General Security Department, the Internal Security Forces, Military Intelligence and the Presidential Guards Brigade"

'Al-Aqsa' being built for Ahmadinejad

"Replica of Jerusalem mosque constructed in Lebanon in honor of upcoming visit by Iranian leader

Construction is nearing its end in the village of Maroun al-Ras, with the structure being made to look exactly like its Jerusalem prototype – including the dome on top. But there is one glaring difference: An Iranian flag, a tribute to its sponsor.

Bulldozers and cranes have been working for months on the site, which will also include a boardwalk and a lookout point from which Ahmadinejad plans to throw a symbolic stone at Israel. The president will also inaugurate the mosque.

"It is unbelievable that Iranian money has made its way to the entrance of our home. It is very worrying," says Shimon Biton, head of the council of Avivim, a town located just a few hundred meters from the new mosque.

"From our bitter experience we are sure that during the next war this site will be used as a foremost Hezbollah outpost. I am certain that bunkers and military storerooms have been built underneath it."

“Iran Park” in Maroun Al Ras

"The Lebanese border village where one of the first and nastiest engagements of the 2006 war was fought. Israeli ground troops got bogged down for days on the ridge at Maroun, and Hezbollah fighters consider it one of their finer engagements of the war.

The Iranian government has funded and designed a lush park near the site of the battle, on the mountainside directly overlooking Israel. In the parking, visitors can stand at an observation point beside an Iranian flag fluttering in the wind, and look directly down at the Israeli hamlets of Avivim and Yir’on.

Through an arcade of ponsiana trees and an arch, past a commemorative plaque crediting President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad with gifting the park to the Lebanese, visitors find terraced playgrounds and picnic spots refreshed with the mountain breeze."

As Israel (lost & found) will fail miserably which is why the extensions will expand

Bomb explodes on tanker carrying fuel for NATO

"Another oil tanker carrying fuel for NATO troops in Afghanistan was attacked Tuesday near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, a Khyber Agency official told CNN.

The tanker had been parked at Torkham, said Adil Waseem, senior administration official of Khyber Agency. A bomb planted on the tanker exploded, partially damaging the vehicle. The tanker did not catch fire, and no casualties were reported.

At least four other attacks have been carried out on convoys for NATO since Friday, resulting in the deaths of at least six people"

Only the insane would continue to pursue such failed policy;s expecting a different result!

"The idea that American troops, outnumbered and not speaking the language or understanding the culture, can do this is simply not grounded in reality"

Even native Muslim governments motivated to suppress Islamic terrorism, like those in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria or Yemen, can’t achieve this goal absolutely.

The United States and Europe are going to be attacked by jihadist terrorists from time to time, and innocent people are going to be killed, perhaps in the thousands again. The United States and its allies can minimize the threat through covert actions and strong defenses, but they cannot eliminate it. The hapless warning to be vigilant that was issued this past weekend is the implicit admission of this fact.

This is not a failure of will or governance. The United States can’t conceivably mount the force needed to occupy the Islamic world, let alone pacify it to the point where it can’t be a base for terrorists. Given that the United States can’t do this in Afghanistan, the idea that it might spread this war throughout the Islamic world is unsupportable

The request that Americans be vigilant in Europe represents the limits of power on the question of terrorism. There is nothing else that can be done and what can be done is being done. It also drives home the fact that the United States and the West in general cannot focus all of its power on solving a problem that is beyond its power to solve"

"Frankly, none of this should come as a surprise. We're all but at war in Pakistan's remote tribal areas"

the locals have a long history of taking revenge. In September alone, the CIA launched 17 drone attacks in the area, killing an untold number of people. Some, no doubt, were Taliban or al-Qaeda, but how many civilians were killed as well? The blunt truth is that the Hellfire missiles fired from drones cannot discriminate between the guilty and the innocent. The NATO aircraft that attacked insurgents in the area last week are no more accurate — we know that those killed three Pakistani soldiers.

No one in an official position is connecting the threat in Europe to the attacks on NATO convoys. But in the absence of better intelligence, the chances aren't bad that the two may be connected. The ethnic Pashtun, who straddle the Afghan-Pakistani border and make up the social base of the Taliban in both countries, live by a feudal code of blood revenge.

The war in Afghanistan has done nothing for that country's stability, and in fact it's gotten progressively shakier over the past 10 years. Pakistanis scoff at the argument often heard in Washington that the U.S. needs to remain at war in Afghanistan partly in order to stabilize Pakistan — instead, they see the U.S. war in Afghanistan and the load that it has placed on Islamabad as being the major cause of the instability in their country"

Which is one of the main reason why the Iranian President posture so boldly and speak great things because he see the cavity's in the "biting" sanction and more importantly of him who is set to come very soon!

Ahmadinejad tells West to put more pressure on Iran

"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad challenged the West on Tuesday to put more pressure on Iran, which he said would fail to make any impact on the Islamic republic or its atomic programme.

Ahmadinejad, in an address to the people of the northeastern province of Golestan, said that during a trip he made last month to the United States, people there "were insisting that the sanctions have affected us.

"And I, on your behalf, insisted and told them 'The sanctions have had no effect, and whatever the heck you want to do in the next two years, do it now so we see what you are capable of'," he said in the speech broadcast live on state television."

Given with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers