Saturday, October 30, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 10/30/2010

LastDayWatchers understand as you view with your LOUPE concerning the terror news of today the blind which cannot see are confronted with.

God has anointed your lens by which God has keep you Ahead of the Curve, therefore you are not surprise by the fact of the destination point of Chicago was told to you with 100% accuracy back in Januray in the May 15th Prophecy in the post The Forward Actions of Obama

Chicago-bound explosives same as those used in Detroit plot

"American media reported Saturday that the explosives found in Dubai and the UK are the same type used by al-Qaeda's Yemeni wing in its attempt to blow up an airplane over Detroit last Christmas.

According to reports, initial checks show the devices contained PETN, the same explosive material used by Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab. The substance is extremely potent. The checks have yet to receive official confirmation.

Meanwhile, CNN released a photo of one of the devices caught en route to the US showing what appears to be a printed circuit board from a disassembled cell phone.

"This size and the shape of the PCB (printed circuit board) are typical to a handset cell phone type device," said Olivier Clerc, hardware application engineering manager for a large US-based cell phone parts manufacturer.

White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan later told reporters that the explosives "were in a form that was designed to try to carry out some type of attack," but he provided no further details.

"The forensic analysis is under way," he said, adding, "Clearly from the initial observation, the initial analysis that was done, the materials that were found in the device that was uncovered was intended to do harm."

LastDayWatchers can you see how the decision to send in 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan is not only against the will of God?, thus making it foolish by which none of its objective will be able to be transformed into reality's on the ground

So when you view in your LOUPE the opening of the gates, be mindful of what May 15th Prophecy pointed out to you in the Binocular Snapshot for 10/25/2010 "Whatever happens in Afghanistan, terrorists will still be able to operate from Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, London, Jersey City"

Continue to see and consider the news of today the blind are confronted with!

Yemen Emerges as Base for Qaeda Attacks on U.S.

"Not long ago, most Americans had scarcely heard of Yemen, the arid, Texas-size country in the southern corner of the Arabian peninsula.

But on Friday, as news emerged of a plot to send explosives in courier packages from Yemen to synagogues in Chicago, the world’s attention was focused once again on the threats brewing in Yemen’s lawless, strife-torn hinterlands, where American citizens appear to be helping the local branch of Al Qaeda take aim at the United States.

It was the second time in less than a year: on Dec. 25, a Nigerian trained in Yemen tried to detonate a bomb on a commercial flight as it approached Detroit, and Al Qaeda took credit for the attempt. The American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki had been in contact with the would-be bomber, and some analysts believe the latest effort may also be linked to Mr. Awlaki, a charismatic preacher who remains in hiding in Yemen and has issued threats by Internet."

"At 3 a.m., they said, the U.S. ordered every package from Yemen headed for the U.S. to be pulled off planes and inspected."

Homeland Security officials took a series of steps to enhance security, including heightened cargo screening and additional safety measures at U.S. airports. "Passengers should continue to expect an unpredictable mix of security layers that include explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams and pat downs, among others," Homeland Security officials said.

A Jewish Federation of Greater Chicago spokeswoman said the group was "taking appropriate precautions" and was "advising our local synagogues to do likewise." One of the targets was a Jewish congregation that meets at a Unitarian church, according to a U.S. official.

Oren Segal, director of the Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism in Washington, said Rahm Emanuel has been the focus of some attention on extremist blogs since long before he resigned as White House chief of staff to run for Chicago mayor. Segal said that vitriol on message boards peaked when Obama named Emanuel his top aide in early 2009.

The two incidents highlight a known vulnerability in the air cargo industry, one that has been the subject of extensive discussion between the Transportation Security Administration and the industry for several years.

The federal government has mandated in recent years that all cargo on passenger aircraft be screened, a goal that was achieved only this August. But the issue of parcels aboard cargo-only aircraft has been far more difficult to resolve. As far back as March 2009, the industry warned Congress it would not be able to meet the August deadline that 100% of cargo would be screened.

A TSA official acknowledged Friday that not all cargo inbound from abroad is screened and that the cargo that does get screened is handled differently than passenger luggage, which is subject to X-ray. That means that the two suspicious packages may not have been subject to screening when they were originally loaded in Yemen."

20 explosive devices suspected to be en route to US

"US and European security and intelligence forces are working to trace as many as 20 packages suspected to contain explosives which may have been sent to Jewish facilities, similar to the two devices found Friday in Dubai and Britain.

Meanwhile, comprehensive checks are being held at UPS and FedEx branches in US airports. Jewish facilities have also heightened security measures. It is feared that additional packages, if they indeed exist, are scattered around various airports and might already be on US oil.

Consequently, US airports as well as several European sites, have beefed up security. Checks are mainly conducted on cargo planes. Two UPS planes were checked in Philadelphia but found to contain no explosives."

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