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Binocular Snapshot for 10/15/2010

LastDayWatchers as you view how 100% accurate the May 15th Prophecy have led you to the truth; pertaining to the realities on the ground in regards to God Curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations in Iraq

In Ahmadinejad's Lebanon Visit, the Ruins of Bush's Mideast Doctrine

"As Israeli bombs killed hundreds of Lebanese in the summer of 2006, then-U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told the people of Lebanon that they were simply experiencing "the birth pangs of a new Middle East." That new Middle East was on view during the two-day visit to Lebanon this week by Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — and it looks nothing like the vision pursued by the Bush Administration's military-driven strategy of dividing the region into "moderate" and "radical" camps locked in a fight to the finish

Three harsh truths for the U.S. and its allies.

First, Iran is not nearly as isolated as Washington would like

Secondly, the Bush Administration efforts to vanquish Tehran and its allies have failed

Finally, the balance of forces in the region today prompts even U.S.-allied Arab regimes to engage pragmatically with a greatly expanded Iranian regional role.

The presence of the Iranian President, Israel's self-styled nemesis, declaring in the border town of Bint Jbail that "the Zionists will eventually disappear," may also have been intended to warn Israel off attacking Iran. Tehran has equipped Hizballah with a massive missile arsenal that many believe would be the first line of retaliation should Israel attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

Ahmadinejad's visit could, in fact, be deemed something of a belated victory lap celebrating the collapse of the erstwhile U.S. strategy.

The Bush Administration may have hoped that its own invasion of Iraq and Israel's attacks on Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in late 2008 would strike decisive blows against Iran and its allies and turn the regional dynamic in favor of the U.S.

But in all three places, Iran's influence was actually strengthened. If Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki succeeds in winning a second term in office in Iraq, he'll owe his reelection to Iran's intervention to win him the necessary backing from its Shi'ite political allies. The U.S. may have hoped that Israel's 2006 offensive would finish off Hizballah but the movement is both militarily stronger and more firmly entrenched in Lebanon's body politic than ever before, with an effective veto power over government decisions. And neither the Israeli military campaign that began in the final days of 2008 nor the economic blockade of Gaza has managed to dislodge Hamas, while Washington's own Palestinian ally — President Mahmoud Abbas — has grown steadily weaker.

After all, while they will push back against Iran's role in the Arab world, even Arab regimes that are allies of the U.S. are forced by the relative strength of Tehran's allies there — Hizballah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and the Shi'ite parties in Iraq — to seek a pragmatic modus vivendi that acknowledges Tehran's influence.

President Bush's idea that the region's radicals could be eliminated in a winner-takes-all showdown has proven to be a chimera."

If Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki succeeds in winning a second term in office in Iraq, he'll owe his reelection to Iran's intervention to win him the necessary backing from its Shi'ite political allies"

"Washington said it would no longer back incumbent Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki unless he breaks ties with Moqtada Sadr"

Maliki moved close to the 163-seat majority needed to form a government in Iraq after lawmakers loyal to Sadr, an anti-American cleric, their support behind the incumbent.

In turn, Sadr supporters allegedly gave Maliki until Friday to meet their calls for key ministerial positions in a new government, including oversight over appointments in the ministry of defense, London's pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat reports.

Washington expressed reluctance over dealing with a Baghdad government with supporters of its arch Iraqi foe holding key Cabinet positions"

"As of last Monday 710 Iraqis had been killed this year with silenced pistols or rifles. At least 600 more had been killed by magnet bombs"

The killings have increased sharply in the past four months amid fears that the ongoing failure to form a government in Baghdad is fuelling a worsening security vacuum.

Police colonel Yassir Khadier had heard the warnings from his superiors to look carefully under cars for bombs. He had even given orders to his subordinates to be prudent. But on 6 October a magnet bomb fixed underneath his driver's seat destroyed his legs. They were later amputated. In his bed in the Khadimeyah hospital in northern Baghdad, Khadier held back tears. "They found me, somehow," he said of the unknown militants who lurk in the city's streets. "I look most days. I didn't yesterday.

"More than 35 of my colleagues have been killed recently," said a traffic officer, Louay Shehab, 34, in downtown Karrada. "They have been killed by these sticky bombs and by pistols with silencers.

"Our director met us last week and warned us again to be careful. We've been given weapons to protect ourselves, but the situation is critical. Its 2007 again."

A second traffic officer, Omar Sabah, said he was now almost too scared to turn up to work.

"I have worked with the police since 2004 and this is the most dangerous atmosphere in all of that time. Al-Qaida have very accurate information. They are not random attacks. They are organised. Al-Qaida are seeking their revenge. They want to destroy the government."

Also showing you with 100% accuracy of the mounting failures which will become self evidence and apparent while steering you away from the lies & propaganda that speaks of weakening the insurgency unto peace talks

In a gloomy assessment, the Afghanistan NGO Safety Office says the Taliban are 'anticipating authority

"Aid workers should seek permission from the Taliban to operate in areas they control, a leading NGO says today.

In a gloomy assessment of the current security situation, the Afghanistan NGO Safety Office (Anso) says the Taliban are "anticipating authority", even to the extent of developing a foreign policy.

"The sum of their activity presents the image of a movement anticipating authority and one which has already obtained a complex momentum that Nato will be incapable of reversing

Anso has an unrivalled system for collecting security information from around the country. Its data shows that in the south the Nato surge has failed to degrade the Taliban's ability to fight. Attacks have increased by 59% between July and September compared with the same period last year. 

It also contradicts Nato claims that the insurgency is close to breaking point. Despite Nato efforts in Kandahar, Anso says it believes there are as many as 4,000 insurgent fighters inside the southern city

It also reports a dramatic deterioration in the north of the country. Four out of 12 provinces have experienced double the average growth rate in violence and districts are in danger of slipping out of control. Lack of Nato troops and clumsy efforts to regain the initiative by using local militias have made the situation worse, the report says.

Anso's advice to seek permission to operate from local insurgents follows a 60% increase in kidnapping of NGO workers and cases where insurgents have told those released to register their NGO's activities to avoid further problems.

The Taliban's growing strength has led many diplomats and senior Afghan officials to conclude that the movement will not agree to peace talks. The Taliban's official line is that they will not talk until foreign troops quit the country."

Telescoping your lens with knowledge to the truth; of the expansion to the extensions

Militants attack another convoy in Pakistan

"(CNN) -- Militants in Pakistan's tribal region attacked a truck carrying supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan -- killing the driver and his assistant, officials said Friday.
Gunmen opened fire and threw petrol bombs, setting the truck and its container on fire, said Muhammad Arshad Khan, a senior government official in Khyber Agency. They then fatally shot the occupants of the truck, Khan said, the torched truck was part of two-truck convoy headed toward the Torkham border crossing"

And reveling with 100% accuracy the true destiny of the economy

Dollar fall sparks stability warnings

"The dollar tumbled against most major currencies on Thursday, prompting warnings that the weakness of the world’s reserve currency could destabilise the global economy and push other countries into retaliatory devaluations to underwrite their exports.

Increasing expectations the Federal Reserve will pump more money into the US economy next month under a policy known as quantitative easing sent the dollar to new lows against the Chinese renminbi, Swiss franc and Australian dollar. It dropped to a 15-year low against the yen and an eight-month low against the euro."

Australian dollar overtakes US dollar

"The Australian dollar is worth more than the US dollar for the first time since it became a freely traded currency, following comments by the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, that the US was likely to pump more money into the struggling American economy.

The comments put further pressure on the US dollar, which has been on the slide in recent days on growing talk that the US was preparing to initiate a second round of quantitative easing to avoid the risk of a double-dip recession."

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U.S. Uses Attacks to Nudge Taliban Toward a Deal

New report paints gloomy picture on Afghan safety