Monday, October 11, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 10/11/2010

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Iraqis kill clan members for informing on al Qaeda

"Gunmen in Iraqi military uniforms broke into the homes of their own clan members on Monday and killed four people for informing on al Qaeda.

In the latest attack, nine gunmen stormed the homes of two families in al-Sila village south of Baghdad, seized five men and shot them execution-style on the shore of a nearby lake, said a security source. One survived and was hospitalized.

"This area was an al Qaeda stronghold before," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "It is inhabited by one tribe, but it is divided into two parts, with one loyal to al Qaeda and the other against it."

The source said the gunmen walked into the village with a list of targets including the victims, who had been supplying authorities with information on al Qaeda.

"The attackers were from the same tribe," 

the source said"

Gunmen storm Baghdad money exchange, kill 5

"Iraqi officials say gunmen stormed a money exchange office in central Baghdad, killing five people in a brazen afternoon robbery. 

The police officials say three bystanders were also wounded in Monday's heist in Baghdad's busy commercial area around Rashid Street.

The officials say those killed included the exchange office's owner, his business partner and three customers."

"police major general was wounded and his driver killed by a roadside bomb that targeted their convoy in eastern Baghdad"

The officer's bodyguard and a passerby were wounded, The officer is the head of the interior ministry's criminal evidence department."

And the failure will continue to mount up

Attack in Paktia province claims five civilians while two Nato troops

"At least seven people including two Nato troops have been killed in Afghanistan by roadside bombs, Nato has said.

Five members of a family died in a roadside blast in eastern Paktia province while Nato troops were killed in an explosion on a highway in southern Afghanistan, Nato said without giving their nationalities or a specific location.

Sunday's deaths, which have brought to 26 the number of Nato forces killed this month, came a day after four Italian troops died in a roadside blast in western Farah province.

At least 2,014 Nato troops have died since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, according to an Associated Press count.

In a separate incident, a joint force was ambushed with small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades in southern Helmand province's Sangin district on Sunday, according to Nato.

Troops returned fire and called in an airstrike, killing more than 15 anti-government fighters."

Despite Army Efforts, Soldier Suicides Continue

"Specialist Aguilar was one of 20 soldiers connected to Fort Hood who are believed to have committed suicide this year. The Army has confirmed 14 of those, and is completing the official investigations of six other soldiers who appear to have taken their own lives — four of them in one week in September. The deaths have made this the worst year at the sprawling fort since the military began keeping track in 2003.

The spate of suicides in Texas reflects a chilling reality: nearly 20 months after the Army began strengthening its suicide prevention program and working to remove the stigma attached to seeking psychological counseling, the suicide rate among active service members remains high and shows little sign of improvement. Through August, at least 125 active members of the Army had ended their own lives, exceeding the morbid pace of last year, when there were a record 162 suicides

Specialist Aguilar, who shot himself in the Valero parking lot, also had plans to go back to school once his enlistment was over in November. A guitarist and songwriter from a working-class family, he had enlisted partly because the Army would pay for music school after his military service, his family and friends said

The officer, Sgt. Robert Dillard, drew his own gun and started to plead with Specialist Aguilar not to fire, according to the police report.

He pulled the trigger anyway. He was 26 years old."

Because the harden heart will continue to be harden against the wisdom thats in a inferior state; to the weakening of the nation! (See: The Unfaithful Posture and Lawlessness)

Meridor: This isn’t the Israel we know

"Minister of Intelligence Services sees new amendment to Citizenship Act as causing Israel more harm than good, says state should not impose redundant notions on its minorities

Meridor believes the new law will have two negative ramifications: "The first an internal one, vis-à-vis the Arab sector. This move is part of a series of actions which create an atmosphere of exclusion… This is not a security matter. The government is responsible for all citizens and it's wrong to create the perception that they are not part of the state on one hand, and demand loyalty on the other – that's a contradiction.

"This is the Jewish people' state. We've inscribed that in our Basic Laws. Do we really have to keep repeating it? It creates detrimental tensions," he said.

The second ramification Meridor warns of is the possible harm to Israel's international image: "We are in the midst of fighting a de-legitimization campaign against Israel, which is a huge danger. This fight has to be managed carefully and this is not helping us. No other nation mandates such a thing, why give anyone another thing to use against us?"

"There are times when you have to pay a price for a result. We have nothing to gain here. There is no real problem. There aren’t millions beating down our door. There is no logic in paying a price when there is no problem. I see no good in this, only harm. This isn't the Israel we know."

Meridor also rebuffed MK Michael Ben Ari's (National Union) claims, that the government had de facto affirmed the political notions of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, who founded the radical right-wing Kach Party in the 1970s. Kach was outlawed in 1994.

"The Likud is a liberal movement, not a nationalistic one. We aspire for a national liberal state, and we seek a compromise that will include minorities. You have to balance the national aspect with the humane one. The national aspect and human rights have to be balanced. When you have no state, you have to fight for it. When you have a state, it should not impose redundant notions on its minorities. We have already won the historic battle."

No legal problem
The amendment to the Citizenship Act does not contradict any of Israel's Basic Laws, and therefore the High Court is unlikely to squash it on appeal, top legalists told Ynet Monday.

The controversial aspects of the loyalty pledge are more social than legal, said a top legalist. "The law will not actually prevent anyone from obtaining citizenship. Knesset members and judges are not required to take a similar oath, and I can't understand why we should require people to do something the leaders themselves don't do," he said.

He too believes the new amendment will damage Israel's international standing: "Many will view it as racist. It's an unnecessary provocation."

"This is political-public problem not a legal one," added another senior legal expert. "The amendment does not contradict any Basic Law since it does not target a specific minority, so I cannot see how the High Court can negate it; but still, I fail to see the urgency in adding it to the legislation."

'A real sense of emergency'
Meanwhile, public uproar over the amendment is growing. Author Sefi Rachlevsky, one of the organizers of the "declaration of independents from fascism" – the banner under which a mass protest rally was held in Tel Aviv Sunday, told Ynet that the protest was the first in a series of moves meant to overturn the government's decision.

The authors, academics and artists who signed the declaration, believe that there is a public majority who will back them. "The very essence of democracy is that each person can have a different opinion and that you cannot impose general beliefs on individuals," he said.

"The fundamental thing here is protecting civil rights. Once you infringe on that or condition it, you venture into radical fascism." Today's politicians, he added, have lost all sense of measure: "They are exploiting the fact that we have no fundamental structure to tear our essence apart.

"This is not a fight between the Left and the Right, but between democrats and fascists. What are people like Meridor and (Minister of Minority Affairs Avishay) Braverman – who spoke out against this law – still doing in the government?

"The fact the Israel is become fascist and racist is our biggest threat," said the author, stressing that not all is lost. "Veering away from the democratic camp is isolating us for the West. We intend to keep this movement going. There is a real sense of emergency and we most definitely aim to win this."

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Late Addiction 

Lebanon, neighbors brace for Ahmadinejad visit

"On a nearby hilltop with a clear view of the lush green farms of northern Israel stands an Iranian-built park complete with a replica of the golden-domed Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, topped with an Iranian flag and surrounded by yet more portraits of Ahmadinejad."

As peace talks sway, questions 

arise about U.S. influence in Mideast

"Syria is turning up the pressure on the government of Saad Hariri to quash the U.N. tribunal into his father's murder before it indicts members of Hezbollah.

Even as Washington was delivering tough warnings to President Bashar al-Assad that the U.S. would hold Syria responsible for destabilization of Lebanon, the Syrian leader hosted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, where he blasted the U.S. peace process and pledged his "eternal stance of Syria to be on the side of Iran."

Ahmadinejad in Controversial Visit to Lebanon