Friday, October 1, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 10/01/2010

LastDayWatchers view inside you lens how 100% accurate the May 15th Prophecy has directed you to the knowledge of the truth

With regard to Iraq and the position of Muqtada al-Sadr (See: The Defining Moment and The Economic Collapse Prophecy)

"the prospect of al-Sadr and his allies with a hand in power is likely to unsettle Washington"

Al-Sadr is staunchly opposes the U.S. presence in Iraq and his militia poses some of the strongest resistance after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. During the height of Iraq's sectarian bloodshed, al-Sadr loyalists were blamed for taking part in targeted killings of Sunnis and firing rockets and mortars on Baghdad's protected Green Zone.

There are also worries about how much influence Iran now carries over al-Sadr after offering him haven for more than three years."

With regard to the Turkey alliance, notice how the world doesn't understand this new paradigm, however the truth have been made known to you (See: May 15th Chronicle, the Armenian Genocide and Woe to the False Prophets)

US Jewish lobby which supported Turkey for many years doesn’t understand Ankara's change in attitude toward Israel

"Washington is increasingly becoming upset with Ankara. The origin of this lies in the approach to Israel. The Iranian issue comes in second," according to a senior Turkish political analyst.

In an op-ed published this week by the Hurriyet daily, Mehmet Ali Birand wrote, "Each and every unfavorable step by Turkey toward Israel directly affects Turkish-American relations. Everybody is uncomfortable and tense and it distorts the country’s image.

"The majority of those upset voice their concern in the US Congress, US media and also some NGOs. The Jewish lobby which supported Turkey for many years doesn’t understand the change in attitude, nor does it intend to do so,"

With regard to the "plundering" God promise he would continue to send upon the United States (See: The Strong Delusion That They (Isreal,Britian and United States) Should Believe A Lie)

Audit says subcontractors on a development project in Afghanistan may have paid more than $5 million to militants for security purposes. Employee fraud is also alleged

Millions of dollars in American taxpayer funds may have been paid to Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan to provide security for a U.S. development project, a government audit has found.

The report, released Thursday by the inspector general of the U.S. Agency for International Development, says subcontractors hired to protect a development project near Jalalabad may have paid more than $5 million to the militants through local authorities.

Allegations often have been made about such payments, but the report is a rare investigation by the government into a specific case."

As the extensions continue to grow

Militants in Pakistan attack supply trucks bound for Afghanistan

"Attacks in Pakistan on trucks carrying fuel for NATO troops in Afghanistan damaged about two dozen trucks and killed two people Friday, authorities said, Militants torched dozens of supply trucks in the southern Pakistani province of Sindh Friday morning, police said. No one was hurt, but 25 of 27 trucks were damaged, officials said.

On Friday night, attackers with automatic weapons struck a NATO supply truck, killing two people and damaging contents, Pakistani police said, Saeed Ahmed, a senior police official in the Khuzdar district of Baluchistan, said the truck was apparently separated from a convoy heading to Afghanistan."

Explosions kill 8 as Nigeria marks anniversary events

"A militant group said it carried out the car bombing that rippled through Nigeria's capital Friday, a blast that killed eight people and wounded 21 others.

Two bombs exploded at almost the same time outside the Justice Ministry as the West African nation marked 50 years of independence, according to an International Red Cross official.
The death toll is expected to rise, the Red Cross official said"

Tape: Bin Laden on climate change

"In his most recent remarks, he warned that Al-Qaeda would kill Americans if the alleged mastermind of the 2001 attacks on the United States, Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, was executed.

Plans to send Mohammed to trial just steps away from his alleged crime scene in New York had to be put on hold after a furious public backlash over potential costs and security threats.

In another statement in January, Bin Laden claimed responsibility for the botched Christmas Day bombing attempt of a US airliner, vowing further strikes on American targets.

Bin Laden also referred to US support for Israel in the January message.

"God willing, our attacks against you will continue as long as you maintain your support to Israel," he said.

Bin Laden's whereabouts are unknown, but in August, General David Petraeus, the US commander in Afghanistan, said bin Laden is "far buried" in the remote mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan and that capturing him remains a key task."

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Late Addiction

Iranian officials call latest U.S. sanctions 'desperate'

"American officials are so desperate these days that they cling to any flimsy branch in order to save themselves."

Iranian officials and analysts said the sanctions would be ineffective because none of the eight men targeted have bank accounts in the United States or plan to travel there.

"This is also a real confession which says [America's] games of sedition following Iran's elections have come to an end," Manouchehr Mottaki, Iran's foreign minister, said in a television interview. "In other words, [they] could not achieve anything after all the messages [they] sent during this sedition," the term Iranian officials use to describe the mostly silenced protest movement that shook the country."