Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 9/29/2010

LastDayWatchers  you will continue to see more contractions to the birth pains

Magnitude 7.2 quake hits off Indonesia: USGS

"A magnitude 7.2 quake struck off Indonesia, just one minute after a strong 6.6 tremor hit a few miles north, the U.S. Geological Survey reported on Wednesday.

The USGS said the second quake, which hit at 2:11 a.m. on Thursday (1711 GMT on Wednesday), was only 7.6 miles deep and centered 68 miles northwest of Dobo, in the Aru Islands, very close to the first quake.

It was not immediately known whether the quake caused any damage or casualties.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the quakes did not trigger an ocean-wide tsunami warning but could cause local tsunamis that could be destructive along the coasts located within a few hundred miles (km) of the epicenter.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire" and is prone to earthquakes"
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Al Qa’eda ‘abducting their sons from Iraq’

"Dozens of children born to al Qa’eda fighters in Iraq have been abducted by their fathers, prompting fears they will be brought up abroad as the next generation of Islamist militants.

Iraqi women who were forced to marry foreign al Qa’eda volunteers have reported infant boys being snatched away by their husbands and never heard from again.

An Iraqi charity working to support the al Qa’eda wives, many of whom were effectively presented as gifts to the militants, said the abductions posed a grave and long-term danger to Iraq and other countries.

“We have reports that many of these children are disappearing and that al Qa’eda wants to bring them up as a new generation that will be indoctrinated from birth and will be extremely loyal to its cause,” said Jamil Dawar, an official with Noor, a non-governmental organisation that provides help to hundreds of women who were married off to foreign militants."