Saturday, September 18, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 9/18/2010

LastDayWatchers the failures will tell you more about true realities on the ground, then the heavy douse of propaganda you will be subliminally inundated with and subjected to!

Marja Turnout Low, but No Injuries in Attack on Marine Base

"Voter turnout for Saturday’s Parliamentary elections was extremely low in Marja, a Helmand Province battleground, as bullets flew over the polling station near the district center, firefights erupted in the fields lining the network of canals and insurgents launched a rocket-propelled grenade into the main United States Marine base here.

No one was injured in the rocket blast, which landed close to an ammunition supply area and destroyed the wooden platform of a tent housing several Marines, two of whom were in the tent at the time. Marine commanders responded with three Hellfire missiles shot from Reaper drones, which they say killed at least two insurgents"

Afghan Vote Marked by Light Turnout and Attacks

"Hundreds of polling stations either closed or came under attack and at least 10 civilians were killed in Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections on Saturday, even as officials insisted the vote was generally safe nationwide.

The city of Kandahar seemed particularly hard hit. Explosions were heard every half hour through the morning, and 31 had occurred by mid-morning including rockets fired by insurgents

according to a security official there, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the news media. Kandahar Gov. Tooryalai Wesa toured polling places to encourage voters to turn out, but his own convoy was hit by a roadside bomb, slightly damaging his armored car but hurting no one.

Voter turnout was extremely low in Marja, the Helmand Province"

Taliban attacks target Afghan polls

"At least 10 people have been killed in rocket and bomb attacks by suspected Taliban fighters as voting took place in Afghanistan's parliamentary elections.

An attack near a polling station in Afghanistan's northern Baghlan province killed one Afghan soldier and six pro-government fighters on Saturday.

In Kunar province in eastern Afghanistan at least three people were killed and two injured in an explosion at a polling station.

Taliban fighters also fired rockets in several cities including Kabul, the Afghan capital, and set off bombs alongside a convoy carrying the governor of Kandahar, the Taliban heartland in the south.

"We are hearing of many incidents throughout Afghanistan. People are getting killed, polling stations are being bombed and rockets are being fired. It is clear there is already a great deal of violence,"

"The Taliban had vowed to disrupt the poll and warned voters not to cast ballots"

"Their threats appeared to have an impact, with 3,642,444 votes cast, according to preliminary figures released by the IEC.

The United Nations' top diplomat in Afghanistan, Staffan de Mistura, told Reuters before the vote that a turnout of between 5 million and 7 million could be considered a success. The IEC has put the number of eligible voters at 11.4 million.

Manawi said 4,632 polling centers had opened. The IEC had originally planned to open 6,835 but said before polling day 1,019 of those would remain closed because they were unsafe.

As well as the low turnout and violence, thousands of reported attempts at fraud threatened to undermine the poll's credibility, and that of Afghan President Hamid Karzai."

Ballot-stuffing witnessed amid troubled Afghanistan vote

"It was a scene repeated throughout the province. The elections in Wardak were marred by widescale fraud, violence, and an extremely low turnout, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the new class of lawmakers that will represent the province.

“There were almost no elections in Wardak,” said Ghulam Hassan, a local elder. “The votes were stolen right in front of our eyes.”

The turn of events in Wardak likely represents a larger trend in a number of restive areas throughout Afghanistan, where Taliban threats limit the ability of election monitoring teams to visit many polling centers"

"It was a rough day from a security point of view," he said in an interview four hours after polls closed. "The Afghan security forces did their best and made a major effort, but there were major incidents."

De Mistura said it would take days to ascertain the scope of fraud that took place, particularly in insecure rural areas that have been trouble spots in past elections.

Late Saturday, Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak told reporters that insurgents had carried out attacks in 17 of the country's 34 provinces throughout the day"

Fears of fraud in Afghan elections

"Candidates traded accusations of fraud and insurgents unleashed rocket attacks on polling day in Afghanistan in parliamentary elections that will test the government’s ability to hold a credible vote.

Perceptions of the polls will feed a growing debate in Washington over whether the troop surge launched by Barack Obama, the US president, is more likely to bring stability or suck the US deeper into a quagmire"

Keeping in mind that all these failures are growing even after (almost 10yrs) of being suppressed by "the greatest miltary force on the face of the earth", so despite the mounting failures by reason of going down the same road, this continuity will harden the heart

Obama envisions no major changes in Afghan strategy

"The administration "adamantly does not want to use the [December] review . . . as a great big rescrub," the European official said. "They want it to be a validation of the strategy and how it's being implemented."

"Frankly, we're in a situation in which our military and diplomatic forces are trying as hard as humanely possible to get a drumbeat of success"

All to the benefit of Iran as the horns congeal

Iran's Ahmadinejad meets Syrian leader

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared on Saturday that resistance to the West is on the rise in the Middle East, after a meeting in Damascus with his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad"

"Washington has been unable to drive a wedge between Ahmadinejad and Assad"

"The Syrians have assured the Iranians that any progress in ties with the United States or in peace with Israel will not come on the expense of Tehran," he said.

The alliance between Syria and Iran started soon after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, when Syria intensified its ties with Iranian backed clerics in Lebanon and supported Iran in its eight year war with Iraq that broke out in 1980"

"The waves of free nations to join this resistance is spreading every day,"

"Ahmadinejad said before his visit to Syria that he and Assad would discuss key areas of conflict and tension in the Middle East, including Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. He also told Iranian state TV Friday that he and Assad would discuss "the Westerners' moves in the region," an apparent reference to the United States.

"We have to be ready and in harmony"

Washington is at odds with Iran over its nuclear program, which it fears is aimed at making weapons, and with a military buildup by Tehran that it believes threatens the United States' Arab allies in the region as well as Israel"

Region's countries will 'disrupt' American and Israeli plans to change its political geography

"Ahmadinejad last visited Syria in February, soon after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton underlined Washington's desire to see Syria move away from Iran.

At the time, Ahmadinejad and Assad signed a visa-scrapping accord that signaled even closer ties.

An Iranian diplomatic source said earlier on Saturday that during their meeting, Ahmadinejad and Assad reaffirmed their strong ties and "commitment to continue consultations ... in areas of interest."

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Iran leads nuclear drive in the Middle East

"Egypt's plan to build four nuclear powerplants by 2025 underscores the emerging interest in atomic energy across the Middle East, where even oil-rich nations such as Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are eyeing fossil fuel alternatives to satisfy growing demand.

In the region and beyond all eyes are on Iran, which says it is firing up its first nuclear reactor before the end of this year, becoming the first Muslim country in the Middle East to produce nuclear energy."