Friday, September 17, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 9/17/2010

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Taliban Say They Kidnapped 30 Involved in Election

"On Thursday evening in northern Badghis Province, 8 workers with the Independent Election Commission and 10 campaigners for a candidate went to meet with village elders in Qolghai, in Muqur District, about opening a polling station, but armed Taliban insurgents in the village took them prisoner, according to Sharafuddin Majidi, a spokesman for the provincial governor.

In eastern Afghanistan, a candidate, Mollawi Hayatullah Purqani, was driving in the Alishing District of Laghman Province on Friday morning when he was stopped by the Taliban and taken away, according to Abdul Rahman Muhabat, head of the election commission in the province, who said that others with Mr. Purqani may have been kidnapped as well.

Hours after the reports of the kidnappings, the deputy minister of the interior in charge of police, Gen. Munir Mohammed Mangar, said at a news conference here that preparations for protecting the elections were proceeding peacefully. “I promise our people they will be secure,” he said. “There won’t be any problems.”

Asked about the kidnappings in Badghis, General Mangar ignored the question"

Late Addictions

Five killed in attacks across Iraq

" Five people were killed in attacks across Iraq on Friday, among them four civilians who died when a booby-trapped bicycle exploded near a police patrol, security officials said.
Nine people, including a policeman, were wounded in that attack in the town of Hawijah, 230 kilometres (145 miles) northeast of the capital in oil-rich Kirkuk province, police Colonel Fatah al-Khafaji told AFP.

In Baghdad itself, an army officer named as Major Jihad Ghazi was killed when a magnetic bomb attached to his vehicle detonated in the western Mansur area of the city"

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