Saturday, September 4, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 9/04/2010

LastDayWatchers the failures will keep coming into view

Bomb Kills 7 In Afghan City

"A remote-controlled bomb detonated atop a parked motorcycle on Saturday, killing seven Afghans, including four policemen, in the northeastern city of Kunduz, according to local government and hospital officials.

The governor of Kunduz Province, Muhammad Omar, blamed insurgents for the attack in the provincial capital.

The attack, which comes at a time when violence in Afghanistan is at a high, occurred outside a butcher shop that supplies meat to a nearby police headquarters. It wounded 16 Afghans, 9 of whom were in critical condition, and destroyed five shops in the city’s main market.

In the past two years the insurgency has gradually increased in Kunduz, making the region increasingly volatile"

Along with the "plundering"

U.S. to Help Bail Out Afghan Bank to Avert a Crisis

"In a bid to fend off the threat of a nationwide financial crisis, the Afghan and United States governments tentatively agreed Saturday to bail out Afghanistan’s largest bank, according to Afghan and American officials"

"The crisis threatened to undermine confidence in Afghanistan’s fledgling financial system, which was built under American guidance after the collapse of the Taliban government in 2001. Among the clients of the bank is the government, which pays about 250,000 public employees through the bank"

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