Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 9/01/2010

LastDayWatchers what good is half way repentance? is it not like Lots wife?, now see the curse that God has sent watching the rise of Iran

-"The month of September started off with at least three attacks"

"Authorities said, In one, a police officer who works for the Interior Ministry was killed when a bomb attached to his civilian car exploded Wednesday morning in northwestern Baghdad.
In a separate attack in Tikrit on the same day, three police officers were wounded when a roadside bomb struck a police patrol.

And one more officer was wounded when a roadside bomb exploded outside his house in Falluja, authorities said. The officer was heading to work when the bomb went off.

The attacks came a day after Obama officially ended the U.S. combat role in the nation, saying "It is time to turn the page."

"Washington's political influence is marginal. Iran, however, retains effective political veto power via its allies among the Shi'ite majority"

"And that political power vacuum is being ably filled by Iran. Saddam's Iraq was a brutal dictatorship that privileged Sunnis over Shi'ites and Arabs over Kurds, but it also functioned as a bulwark and battering ram against Iran on behalf of neighbors like Saudi Arabia, which funded Iraq's war against the Islamic Republic.

By inverting the domestic power equation — putting Shi'ites in charge, making the Kurds into kingmakers and marginalizing the Sunnis — the U.S. invasion also inverted the regional power equation. Iran, via its long-standing ties to the main Shi'ite parties, emerged as the dominant outside influence in Baghdad's politics. U.S. officials routinely grumble about Iranian meddling in Iraqi politics, but there's little they can do, because the vehicles for such meddling are, in fact, popularly elected Iraqi politicians"

Afghan blast kills local pilgrimage chief

"An Afghan official in charge of pilgrimages and trips to the hajj died along with his bodyguard Wednesday in an explosion from a motorcycle-borne improvised explosive device, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said, the blast in the southern province of Kandahar also left six Afghan civilians wounded"

With the extensions of terror

Blasts kill 18 in Pakistan's Lahore, 100 hurt

"Three bombs exploded at a Shi'ite procession in the Pakistani city of Lahore on Wednesday, killing at least 18 people and wounding over 100, piling pressure on a government already overwhelmed by floods.

Witnesses said a suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowd of hundreds, after a lull in violence during the floods, the type of attack that Pakistani Taliban militants have claimed in the past."

Inside the Recommended Reading are 2 excellent pieces that you should read

Yishai: Lebanon war lost due to distance from God

"But here we come to the Second Lebanon War, without Syria, without Jordan, without Libya – just 2,000 Hezbollah men. 2,000! And look at what happens. Do you know why? Because we said, 'My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth'. What do you think? That you can succeed without help from God? Without the Torah of Israel? Without the learned of the Torah?"

By overthrowing regional order, US unleashed a genie

"Far from transforming the region into an oasis of American influence led by pro-western liberal elites on the western and central European model, the war strengthened radicals in the region and in places reinforced the hold of authoritarian regimes"

"Whereas Sunni dominance of the Arab world had been uncontested for centuries, the emergence of a Shiite-led state in Baghdad, the dominant position of Hizbollah in Lebanon, and the growing influence of Iran in the Middle East, has raised region-wide sectarian tensions"

You see how all these article reflect the true realities on the ground just as the May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed?

That Because it is the straight stick; to the truth; of God Word, so whenever men are being honest with themselves & with others (being truthful) their report will also reflect & mirror the true realties on the ground laid out by the Word of God

So read the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers for a 100% accurate & true report!


For Gates the US war in Iraq is over but cloud remains

UNITED STATES: True costs of war are more than fiscal

Why We Fight

Late Addiction

Today's Iraq redeployment made possible by our deadline This analysis get a 4**** star review (For full article click on title)

"Deadlines for a strategic redeployment of U.S. forces from Iraq -- initially proposed in 2005 by leaders like former Representative Jack Murtha, championed by Democrats in Congress and candidates in the 2006 midterm elections, and outlined by the 2006 bipartisan Iraq Study Group -- all sent the important signal that Iraqis needed to take greater responsibility and
ownership of their own affairs. The message that America's commitment to Iraq was not open-ended motivated forces such as the Sunni Awakenings in Anbar province to partner with the U.S. to combat Al Qaeda in 2006, a movement that began long before the 2007 surge of U.S. forces.

The message that Americans were leaving also motivated Iraqis to sign up for the country's security forces in record numbers. The "surge" of U.S. troops to Iraq was only a modest increase of about 15 percent -- and smaller if one takes into account the reduced number of other foreign troops, which fell from 15,000 in 2006 to 5,000 by 2008. In Anbar province, the most violent area, only 2,000 troops were added.

During that same period, the size of the Iraqi forces doubled, the result of training programs accelerated under General George Casey, the predecessor of General David Petraeus. Casey's much-maligned efforts beginning in 2004 to place greater responsibility in the hands of the Iraqi security forces and finally getting permission from the Bush administration to put
former Sunni insurgents on the U.S. payroll in late 2006 were actually more central to progress in Iraq than what Petraeus did when he took command in 2007. In fact, Casey's Marine Deputy
remarked that had Casey remained in office until the end of 2007, he, rather than Petraeus, would have received credit for the turnaround.

Deadlines for getting the U.S. out of Iraq were not only supported by the Iraqi people but also by the Iraqi government. When the UN mandate that allowed the U.S. to occupy Iraq expired in
December 2008, the Maliki government, which had opposed the surge, agreed to allow the U.S. forces to remain in Iraq only on condition that we withdraw from the cities and towns by June 30, 2009 and from Iraq completely by December 2011. In fact, when U.S. forces withdrew from Iraq's cities and towns, Maliki not only declared a national holiday -- National Sovereignty Day -- but proclaimed that the Iraqi people had repelled the foreign (U.S.) invaders.

Those opposed to ending the combat mission in Iraq by August 31, 2010, for fear of emboldening the enemy, ignore four facts. First, for all practical purposes the U.S. combat role ended a year ago when our forces withdrew to their bases. Second, since that withdrawal, despite some spectacular attacks, the overall level of violence against U.S. forces and Iraqi civilians has declined. Third, the enemy, or Al Qaeda in Iraq, is not a large conventional force. At most it is composed of a couple of thousand fighters, a threat which the Iraqi Security Forces, which number well over 600,000, should be able to handle on their own if they have the proper motivation. Finally, even when we leave Iraq, U.S. forces will remain in the region. Therefore, if there is an external threat, we can help the Iraqis deal with it.

What does this experience tell us for Afghanistan? Not setting a deadline fosters moral hazard and a dysfunctional dependency on the United States"

Stimulus lost

"And so the American economy will continue on its current path: growth too weak to rapidly bring down unemployment. Meanwhile, full extension of the tax cuts will add $4 trillion to expected deficits over the next ten years. And the only issue on which the parties seem more divided than stimulus is how to approach budget sustainability.

And those are just two of the country's current problems! Never mind looming state level fiscal catastrophes or the threat of climate change. I'm not ruling out the possibility that things will end up a lot better than they currently seem likely to. But the present default path is a dangerously rocky one, to say the least"

Consider this next article against the backdrop of what the May 15th Prophecy told you about Jordan

Iranian threat may be boon for Mideast peace talks

"Abdullah, who will follow Abbas into the Oval Office, warned of an expanding "Shiite Crescent" extending from Iran through northeastern Saudi Arabia and into southern Lebanon and Syria soon after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

His little kingdom is squeezed between the West Bank and Iraq, where he said Iran could take advantage of post-invasion chaos to ensure that a Shiite majority would eventually lead the country.

Abdullah's fears grew following the brutal sectarian violence that flared in Iraq in 2006 and during the war between Israel and Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy in Lebanon, that same year. The region's episodic violence inflames his country's Palestinian majority, threatening his pro-Western stance and empowering Jordan's own Islamist movement."

Remember back in 2007 in the post Iran-Iraq and the 10 who give power to the Hidden Imam

The prophecy said this about Jordan?

"Jordan who will be squeezed will follow suite and hand over all authority they shall say “who is like unto the Mahdi, who can withstand him”

"Jordan fearing peer pressure will give all and cry "Mahdi,Mahdi,Mahdi"