Thursday, August 26, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 8/26/2010

LastDayWatchers can you see God Word giving you the truth about the LIE of the so-called "success of the surge" particularly exposing the propaganda that came from the lying tongue of the Pawn of Satan about the Iraq "Awakening" which will keep getting put to sleep?

Attack on Awakening Council checkpoint kills 6 in Iraq

"Gunmen attacked a checkpoint manned by Awakening Council members in Baquba on Thursday and killed four people. When a local awakening council leader rushed to the scene, a roadside bomb killed him and another member, police said"

Hearing about the attack, the Awakening Council leader Ali Qader Ameen headed to the scene with three other members, police said.
But before he reached the site of the attack, a bomb exploded -- killing him and another occupant, and wounding the rest"

"Known as the "Sons of Iraq" by the US army that financed them, the former rebels fought militants loyal to Osama bin Laden's terror network, but years later are mocked as "Sons of America" by foes who continue to exact vengeance"

"If our houses are being attacked and destroyed by the terrorists even before the withdrawal, what will happen to us when the US forces leave?" asked Majid Hassan, a Sahwa commander in Samarra, a Sunni-stronghold in Salaheddin province north of Baghdad"

"The terrorists say, 'You are the Sons of America' and we will not keep any one of you alive after the withdrawal," the 52-year-old, from the Bubaz tribe and a farmer before taking up arms in 2006"

"We will not be able to destroy Al-Qaeda if the Americans are leaving."

"Just last month, a suicide bomber blew himself up among a crowd of militiamen waiting to receive their wages outside Baghdad, killing 45 and wounding 46.

"Attacks have increased with the approach of the US withdrawal from Iraq," said Majeed Abbas, the militia's leader in Samarra, commanding 2,300 fighters across the city.

"Since responsibility fell on the Iraqi government, we have suffered from a lack of support and salaries."

The 46-year-old added: "This negligence has given the terrorists motivation to target Sahwa forces and their leaders.

"Each passing day, we record another attack against us."

Watching the truth of God Word about the failures mounting up

Taliban kill eight Afghan police

"Taliban fighters overran a police post in northern Afghanistan today, killing eight officers, the provincial governor said, in an attack that underscores the widening insurgency.

The attack took place in Kunduz, capital of the province of the same name which has become increasingly restive as the Taliban expand their footprint across the previously peaceful northern provinces.

“Taliban attacked a police post and killed eight policemen. There were nine people in the post, one of them survived, though he was injured,” Goveror Mohammad Omar said"

Recommended Reading

The Iraq Attacks: U.S. Mission Still Not Accomplished

"Bombings in at least 13 cities across the length and breath of Iraq have killed more the 70 people, and wounded hundreds of others. In different cities, authorities have blamed al-Qaeda, or Iraqi Sunni groups, or some combination thereof. Whoever is to blame, the message they're sending is not subtle: now that the Americans are gone, we can strike anywhere, at any time"

If Israel Attacks

"Israel has never acknowledged publicly that it is a nuclear-weapons state, but it has also never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Now the Arabs, led by Egypt, are demanding that Israel do so or they will sabotage the future of the NPT regime. They rightly argue that Washington has a double standard when it comes to Israel’s bomb: the NPT applies to all but Israel. Indeed, every Israeli prime minister since David Ben-Gurion has deliberately taken an evasive posture on the issue because they do not want to admit what everyone knows. Now that era may be coming to an end, raising fundamental questions about Israel’s strategic situation in the region"

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