Friday, August 13, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 8/13/2010

LastDayWatchers more & more you will see the coagulation of the horns

Iran Sending Weapons to Hizbullah … And Turkey, Too

"Turkey and Iran are said to be helping Hizbullah obtain new weapons, Italian daily Corriere Della Sera said.
It said Turkish intelligence chief Hakan Fidan reportedly met with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Taeb to discuss relations between the two countries.
Sources told Corriere Della Sera that Turkey will "send sophisticated weapons, rockets and guns to Syria, that will end up in Lebanon," where the Iranian Army will ensure the weapons are transferred to Hizbullah.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards "will facilitate the transition, ensure safety, watch loads on the routes, and provide support to the border," the sources said.

They said Iranians reportedly want to build a weapons network similar to that in Sudan, and hope to help Hamas, as well.

Della Sera said Western intelligence sources "view the Turkish-Iranian plot with concern, as they are obvious risks to safety."

"The (intelligence) services in Ankara are among the best in the region," one source said. "They have great knowledge of the Middle East, and know how to move on the routes of illegal trafficking."

These horns will continue to coagulate until the hour of their strengthening; leaving the "plundering" of Manasseh (United States) not being able to provide strategical or operational support to Judah!

In the Recommended Reading is a commentary by a 11-year Army Special Forces veteran that speak to the "logistics" of what a DEAD END the "plundering" will make Manasseh to anyone with a logical mind.

America will lose when we win in Afghanistan

"An old military maxim states, "Amateurs think about strategy and professionals think about logistics."

"Congress faces a tough logistical question about the future — who will pay for the Afghan military once America leaves? That the answer is not the Afghans, nor America, nor our allies, which means that America will lose in Afghanistan even if the current training mission succeeds"

logistics determine American blood and tax dollars will create a force too small to secure Afghanistan yet too large for Afghanistan to maintain. The U.S. Army's current counterinsurgency doctrine recommends a minimum force ratio of 1 to 50 (i.e. an Afghan policeman or soldier to keep the peace for every 50 civilians). Afghanistan's current population is 29,121,000. Therefore, securing Afghanistan will require, at minimum, 582,000 Afghan security personnel, a force larger than the active U.S. Army.

Yet America's current mission is not to expand the Afghan security force to 582,000, but 400,000. Even this reduced number will still cost Afghanistan at least 20 percent of its GDP, by far the greatest percentage on military spending by any nation.

Who will pay for the future Afghan army? The Afghans can't. Our allies won't. And America's soaring deficits indicate America can't pay forever.

After a decade of U.S. military sacrifice and billions of taxpayer dollars, America will have created 400,000 trained, armed but unpaid Afghans. Their future employment is the seed of the next Afghan civil war or a nuclear armed al-Qaida"

Watch for the next post to the 100% accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers