Monday, August 2, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 8/02/2010

LastDayWatchers you will find in your viewfinder God Curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations and the failures it brings exposing the LIE of the so-called "success of the surge" and Iraq "Awakening" which keep getting put to sleep

Iraq: 8 killed on day Obama to outline new mission

" Two bombings and a drive-by shooting killed eight people Monday"

"al-Qaida militants blew up the house of a policeman west of Baghdad and killed him, his wife and 4-year-old daughter, the policeman's house was blown up before dawn in the Karmah district outside the city of Fallujah while the family was sleeping"

The militants have been targeting policemen and members of anti-al-Qaida Sunni militias, shaking the increasingly fragile security situation

Separate attacks in Baghdad, including one targeting police, killed five more and wounded 15"

As the failures continue to mount

A Benchmark of Progress, Electrical Grid Fails Iraqis

"The United States has spent $5 billion on electrical projects alone, nearly 10 percent of the $53 billion it has devoted to rebuilding Iraq, second only to what it has spent on rebuilding Iraq’s security forces. It has had some effect, but there have also been inefficiency and corruption, as there have been in projects to rebuild schools, water and sewerage systems, roads and ports"

"The United States is now winding such projects down, leaving some unfinished and others, already in disrepair"

"American diplomats and military commanders respond defensively when pressed on why, after all the American investments and expertise, Iraq still struggles to provide electricity"

"Are people frustrated by this?” the American ambassador, Christopher R. Hill, asked. “Yes, I think they are"

"This is the fault of the Americans,” the deputy minister of electricity, Ra’ad al-Haras, said. “They put in place a big, wide-open democracy after the regime. They went from zero democracy to 100 percent. Democracy has to be step by step. You see the result"

“Democracy didn’t bring us anything,” Mr. Farhan said in his newly darkened shop. Then he corrected himself. “Democracy brought us a can of Coke and a beer.”

Afghan suicide bomber kills 6 children

"A suicide bomber who was apparently trying to assassinate a government official instead killed six children who were on their way to school in volatile Kandahar province.

The blast, in the Dand district west of Kandahar city, was in keeping with a pattern of insurgent attacks against government officials and tribal elders, particularly in the south"

Along with the residuals effects of the so-called "biting" sanctions or Pyrrhic Victory and the Paradigm Shift

"Hossein Noghrehkar, a deputy oil minister, told Iranian media last week that Chinese investment in the energy sector totalled $40bn. He added that Tehran and Beijing were also considering the construction of seven new refineries"

"One concern that a number of countries expressed when approached to take measures against Iran is that ‘if we practise restraint, China will fill in behind, China will take advantage of our restraint"

"Washington called on China on Monday not to fill the vacuum in Iran’s struggling energy sector by taking advantage of the departure of primarily European companies that have complied with atomic sanctions"

And the extension of terror will grow larger and larger

Pointers to dual Al Qaeda missile attack on Aqaba and US-led MFO

"US, Israeli, Egyptian and Jordanian counter-terror experts are following leads indicating that the Grad missiles fired at Aqaba early Monday, August 2, killing a Jordanian security officer and injuring four people, was part of a coordinated attack against Jordan, a US ally, and the US-led Multinational Force & Observers Organization in Sinai -MFO"

"At the same time, too, the MFO's command base at Al Gura, northeast of the northern Sinai port of El Arish on the Mediterranean was also attacked"

"Al Qaeda was apparently demonstrating its ability to hit two US or US-allied Middle East targets at the same time"

"While the Jordanian government published the Aqaba attack in detail, Egypt and the MFO command's Rome headquarters have imposed a news blackout on the Sinai end of the attack" 

"However, it is confirmed by Israeli military sources and local witnesses. MFO personnel are also taking part in the wide-ranging search in which Egypt, Jordan and Israeli are working together for the location from which the attack originated"

As wells as the "plundering"

US raises annual aid up to $ 300 million to Yemen

"The US Administration stated on Monday its decision to raise the annual aid for the democratic and economic development in Yemen to $ 300 million"

"In a letter President Ali Abdullah Saleh received form the US Administration handed over by the American Ambassador to Yemen Stephen Seche during his meeting with President Saleh"

"The letter underlined the US obligation to support Yemen and its security, stability and unity, affirming the American Administration's commitment to work with the international development partner in order to enhance Yemen's ability to face the economic, developmental and security challenges"

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