Sunday, August 1, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 8/01/2010

LastDayWatchers can you see the continually lying ways of Manasseh?, who by reason of their Harden Hart will take actions that are "unfaithful, unrighteous and defiant"

U.S., offer conflicting death toll in Iraq

"The U.S. military Sunday disputed Iraqi figures that indicated July was the deadliest month for civilians there since May 2008, saying the actual numbers are less"

" It put the total number of people killed by "enemy action" at 222, including 161 civilians, 55 Iraqi troops and six Americans"

Therefore know what the real truth is

(Note: all you have to do is look back through the LOUPE archive for July and you will see U.S. military figures are a outright LIE)

Iraq violence 'worst in two years'

"Casualty counts are difficult to tally in Iraq, for a variety of reasons. Ministries do not always keep accurate tallies, and the number of fatalities is often adjusted several times, particularly following major attacks.

Al Jazeera reports for the month showed at least 362 fatalities occured. Another set of data, provided by a security consulting firm AKE, showed roughly 300 people killed in July.

Weekly data from AKE shows an increase in violence over the last four weeks
Regardless of the exact number of deaths, violence has apparently increased in Iraq.

On average about 50 Iraqis have been killed each week in 2010, according to the security firm's data"

Which the May 15th Prophecy will provide with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers

Recommended Reading

Syria and Saudi leaders in mission to avert war

"The Israelis have been churning out their usual roars. Lebanon will be regarded as responsible for any attack on Israel because Hizbollah is in the government, the Israeli government has warned; and this time – as opposed to 2006 – Israel will attack villages, towns and infrastructure"

"This is quite mystifying to the Lebanese since the Israelis razed whole villages and attacked the country's infrastructure in 2006. But since the Israelis are re-writing a false history of 2006" 

"They have even convinced themselves that this was the "second Lebanon war" – having forgotten the 1978 invasion, the 1993 and 1996 wars"

 "And forecast the possibility of Israel's "third Lebanon war". Another conflict would actually be Israel's sixth Lebanon war, the last five of which it lost"

"This doesn't mean that the Lebanese (or Hizbollah) ever won, although Israel's ignominious 2000 retreat over the border under the premiership of Ehud Barak – currently among the top roarers – was almost certainly a long-term victory for Hizbollah. Now, both sides seem to want a repeat performance"