Saturday, July 24, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 7/24/2010

LastDayWatchers God will continue with his Curse of the Bush Administration and magnify it because of the Forward Actions of Obama

2 U.S. soldiers missing in Afghanistan; 5 killed by bombs

"By any measure, Saturday was a very bad day in Afghanistan for U.S. forces: a convergence of two dreaded battlefield events"

"Two U.S. soldiers were missing and feared captured or killed by the Taliban, military and Afghan officials said. And five other U.S. service members were killed by improvised explosive devices, which now pose a greater threat to life and limb for Western troops than at any point in the nine-year war"

Even though the U.S. has "surge" it military personnel listen to this

-"They didn't pay any attention to the police. Otherwise we could have kept them from going into an insecure area and now this unfortunate incident has happened"

"This morning two coalition personnel went missing. They are believed to have been captured by insurgents somewhere in Logar province," the broadcast said. "They may have been separated from one another or may be in the process of being moved"

"Another US serviceman, Idaho National Guardsman Bowe Bergdahl, was captured in June last year by the Taliban, who have repeatedly issued videos of him denouncing the war"

"The area is very bad in terms of security"

"He said they were seized in an area locally known as Matani, inside Charkh, about 10 miles south of the provincial capital, Pul-i-Alam. The area is about 60 miles south of Kabul"

"A NATO official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, would not say whether the service members’ trip was sanctioned by the military, or whether they had gone somewhere they were not supposed to"

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