Friday, July 23, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 7/23/2010

LastDayWatchers see the Propaganda in overkill as you preview the fulfillment of what the May 15th Prophecy declared unto you regarding Manasseh fleeing from Iraq

"SEE THE DETAIL WHEN GOD SAID WITH REGARD TO "However Thus saith the Word of God, "You shall attack one way but you will flee seven ways"
See: Knowing The Hour, Exact Details & The Agreement

-"Sunni politicians in Iraq have accused the United States of not doing enough to support the right of Allawi's cross-sectarian Iraqiya bloc"

"A rocket attack on Baghdad's international Green Zone on Thursday killed two Ugandans and a Peruvian working for a security contractor hired to protect U.S. facilities in Iraq, the U.S. Embassy said"

"Continuing violence has raised questions about U.S. troop reductions and the ability of Iraqi police and soldiers to maintain security"

"Obama expressed regret for the casualties, but the White House said he welcomed Odierno's report that "security incidents across Iraq remain at the lowest level since the U.S. has kept records"

"Security incidents across Iraq remain at the lowest level since the U.S. has kept records"

Manasseh will continue to be "Plundered"

U.S. money wasted on Afghanistan projects, auditor finds

"A federal watchdog criticized U.S. agencies on Thursday for squandering taxpayer money on facilities in Afghanistan that are too complex and costly for the Afghan government to maintain"

"Why in the world are we continuing to construct facilities all over Afghanistan that we know, and the Afghans know, they will not be able to sustain once we hand the facilities over?"

"asked Arnold Fields, the special inspector general for Afghan reconstruction"

"His critique comes at a time when the Obama administration is funneling billions of dollars into projects as part of its efforts to strengthen the country's central government and security forces"

"With support for the Afghan war declining and concerns about U.S. government spending rising, aid for Afghanistan is an increasingly sensitive political issue for the administration"

U.S. to resume aid to controversial Indonesian army unit

"The Obama administration said Thursday that it would resume limited assistance to Indonesia's special forces, which have been barred from receiving U.S. military aid for more than a decade"

As the "Fleeing" and "Plundering" of Manasseh put them into position to fight "defensive wars" when Judah get overran (See The Preview of the Red Defensive & Black Shadows)

Israeli Army to simulate invasion of south Lebanon

"The [Israeli Army] is working under the assumption that most of the ground battle will be fought in an urban setting, inside the 160 or so villages throughout southern Lebanon where Hizbullah is believed to have hidden most of its military infrastructure"

"It added that “Hizbullah has heavily mined roads leading to southern Lebanese villages, aware that the ground offenses will include tanks and armored personnel carriers"

"You are free and bear responsibility"

"He said the STL had tried to accuse Syria from the first day after Hariri’s assassination, despite the lack of witnesses"

“They came up with a political accusation of Syria, looked for evidence, and brought false witnesses,” said Nasrallah"

"He attributed the STL’s current intention to distance Syria from the crime to the country’s steadfastness in the face of regional, international, and Arab pressure"

“It is demanded that you honestly talk to your people about your acts and mistakes, so that we open a new page [between Syria and Lebanon],” said Nasrallah, addressing the March 14 alliance, as he welcomed Syrian President Bashar Assad’s upcoming visit to Lebanon"

"Also, Nasrallah demanded that March 14 figures rectify the “unjust” repercussions suffered by people whom they falsely accused based on the statements of false witnesses"

"The Hizbullah chief said March 14 leaders have pushed Lebanon into the “most difficult four and half years in its history,” in reference to the period that followed the assassination of Hariri"

“Will you still support them [March 14 leaders] if they do not reconsider their stances and correct their mistakes?” he asked"

As they become "troublesome to all the kingdoms of the earth"

Clinton urges Asia to get tough on North Korea

"Clinton on Wednesday unveiled new U.S. sanctions against North Korea, which both Washington and Seoul blame for the March sinking of a South Korean warship which killed 46 sailors and sharpened tensions over Pyongyang's nuclear programme"

"The new U.S. sanctions, which target North Korea's ruling elite, build on earlier United Nations sanctions which imposed broad curbs on dealings with North Korea in hopes of persuading it to abandon its atomic ambitions"

North Korea threatens "physical response" to U.S. moves

"Clinton told reporters North Korea's belligerence prevented Washington from returning to six-party talks aimed at ending the North's nuclear weapons programme in return for generous aid.

"The naval exercises are the first overt military response to the attack on the warship. The United States has said they are a show of force meant to convince the North to curb its "aggressive behavior" and will take place in international waters"

"China has condemned the drills and launched its own exercises off its eastern coast"

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