Monday, July 12, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 7/12/2010

LastDayWatchers as you watch pay attention to the actions of the Harden Heart which has turn from the Word of God, remember the May 15th Prophecy told you in the post The Fall of Israel and the United States back in 2007

"Last Day Watchers this is only for the Wise to know, that you are now seeing the beginning of the fall of Israel and the United States so that the Man of Sin will have his day of dominance because Israel has turn from God and have not obeyed his voice when he brought them back to the land he promised with a strong hand by reason of his promises to Abraham,Issac and Jacob he declared unto them

"I will fight against those who fight against thee" and also promise

"no weapon formed against thee shall prosper"

But they have not believed his voice but instead has look to The United State to "keep the strategic advantage"

Arad: Obama's remarks our insurance policy

"National Security Advisor Uzi Arad told the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday that US President Barack Obama's commitment to Israel's security was "our insurance policy"

"The United States if strategically committed to Israel's security, in terms of the international community's demands on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty," Arad said. "President Obama made this clear in his own voice in his recent meeting with the prime minister, and the American administration made it clear in writing in the past few weeks. This is our insurance policy"

Have you seen the May 15th Prophecy Mission Statement which warn you very same thing with 100% accuracy?

"Arad added that during Obama's meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the American president reiterated his commitment to Israel's security. "He said that in light of Israel's history, the State's geographic location, and the threats it faces – its security needs are unique"

Just as the Mission Statement states

"Therefore God has place them in the category of the unfaithful along with the so-called "christian" of today"

"Who are like those in Jesus day; who say they are Jews and are not; but are of the synagogue of Satan"

"They promote false ideas like God is going to come to the rescue of Israel thereby emboldening the itchy ear of Judah with a false since of security and entitlement"

You see how 100% accurate the May 15th Prophecy is?

Let me show you with 100% accuracy exactly what this "insurance policy" will lead to

"THUS SAITH THE LORD OF HOST with regard to the (non)help the United States will provide to Iraeal

"I [Jerusalem] called to my lovers [allies], but they deceived me"
Lamentation 1:19

"As for us, our eyes yet failed and wasted away in looking for our worthless help. In our watching [on our watchtower] we have watched and waited expectantly for a nation [Egypt or some other one to come to our rescue] that could not save us."
Lamentation 4:17" (See: Hell and the Economy)

As the failure continue to mount because of the Forward Action of Obama

2010 worst for Afghanistan

"In terms of insecurity, 2010 has been the worst year since the demise of the Taliban regime in late 2001," it said on Monday"

"Not only have the number of security incidents increased, the space and depth of the insurgency and counter-insurgency-related violence have maximised dramatically" ARM said"

"About 1,074 civilians were killed and more than 1,500 injured in war-related incidents in the first six months of 2010, compared with 1,059 killed in the same period last year"

"ARM's mid-year report entitled "Civilian Casualties of Conflict", said that Obama's policy of intensifying operations against the Taliban has not disrupted, dismantled or defeated the fighters"

"On the contrary, it says, "the insurgency has become more resilient, multi-structured and deadly"

"The United States and Nato have more than 140,000 troops in Afghanistan with another 10,000 due in coming weeks as part of the counter-insurgency strategy.

"The Taliban's main weapon, homemade bombs known as improvised explosive devices, were blamed for most of the deaths and injuries among Afghan civilians in the period"

As more labor pains revel the contractions that is to come

6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Chile

"The quake was centered 49 miles east northeast of Calama, at a depth of 61.5 miles. It hit at 20:11 local time (23:11 p.m. EDT)"

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