Thursday, July 8, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 7/08/2010

LastDayWatchers as you view the continual results from God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations

15 Killed in Baghdad on Last Day of Shiite Holiday

"At least 15 people were killed Thursday by bombs targeting the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who defied violence to take part in the final day of a Shiite religious holiday"

Baghdad attacks on Shiite pilgrims kill 70 in three days

"The death toll was another blow to the leaders of a country which remains dogged by sectarian strife and has only a caretaker government more than four months after a general election"

Know that the time is at hand even at the door, therefore be on the "watch" as the next post of the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers revels even more of what is yet to come!


Iraq's 24/7 bombings

"If we extrapolate from the lowest estimate of Iraqi civilian deaths since 2003 – 96,872 according to Iraq Body Count – then Iraq has endured 9/11 more than 32 times, or 7/7 more than 1,800 times in the last seven years"

"While the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan between 2003 and 2006 was linked to a heavy focus on Iraq, the reverse scenario may be occurring today; the Iraq war is largely perceived as over despite continuing violence. Indeed, away from the story of continued US drawdown, serious talk of a UN force having to secure the north of the country has barely registered in the public domain"

"Professor Robert Pape chronicled all global suicide attacks between 1980 and 2003 – a total of 315 attacks in all"

"Since the invasion of Iraq, rough estimates show that there have been some 1,659 attacks in Iraq alone"

"The key to the perception of "victory" in Iraq is that while there is still violence in the country, it is considered an acceptable level of violence – far away from the bloody peak of the civil war. While this is indeed true, and any defender of the record of the surge will refer to the massive reductions in killings, these statistics are relative and those who argue that "we removed Saddam Hussein and now the people of Iraq can enjoy a better future" must recognise the unacceptability of present levels of violence and the danger that this poses for Iraq's future"

Ahmadinejad meets Muslim leaders at summit

"Ahmadinejad's speech in the West African country, where Muslims make up an estimated half of the 150 million population, drew a rapturous welcome from the crowd, which chanted "Nigerians support Iran"

Just as the May 15th Prophecy said in the post The Unfaithful Posture and Lawlessness

"Iran to show that it is far from "isolation" insert the card to change the paradigm by hosting & influencing the regional players"

Hamas thinks time is on its side

"the weakening diplomatic clout of Egypt, the reluctance of Saudi Arabia to take the lead, the rise of Turkey and its froideur with Israel following the flotilla episode that left nine Turks dead, and the resilience of both Syria and Iran, both backers of Hamas. At the same time, he savours the apparent enfeeblement of America, as it flounders in Afghanistan and fails to pacify Iraq. “They can’t even deal with the Somali pirates,” says Hamas’s foreign-affairs spokesman, Osama Hamdan, with a chuckle, a growing number of Americans, though not yet officials in the administration, are keen to seek him out"