Monday, June 28, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 6/28/2010

LastDayWatchers the May 15th Prophecy which has been 100% accurate with everything it has proclaimed unto you and have given you these LOUPE's

That you my see the infighting and weakening of the harden heart, because the harden heart will not heed the Word of God which is seemingly in the form of a inferior state

Livni: Netanyahu, Barak ruining Israel

"Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni charged Monday"

"Speaking during a Kadima faction meeting, Livni said Israel's top two government officials "are going from one crisis to another and leading Israel to one of the worst situations in its history"

"Israel is in trouble, not because the whole world is against us, but rather, because of the problematic policy represented by this government"

"In order to save the state, we need to replace them and the policy they represent," Livni said. "We need a different policy that will be endorsed by a different coalition. It's not happening because Netanyahu doesn't want to change his way and his government, but rather, he only wants to survive. It's quite clear."

The solution is to replace the leadership and save the country, rather than saving the government, Livni said"

Even though that voice of wisdom is totally correct, it is seemingly in a inferior position and therefore the harden heart will reject until it is weaken then it will be to late

"It's regrettable that at this time, Ms. Tzipi Livni erodes the public discourse via hysteric expressions, while failing to maintain her cool and show leadership"

All to the benefit of Iran

"The Iranian nation is entitled to real strength and no power can dissuade the nation from its path"

"Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei addressed a delegation in the southern province of Bushehr saying Western powers were moving to manipulate the will of the Iranian people"

"He accused the West of deception, blaming world powers for using the "guise of human rights and democracy" as a way to undermine the Muslim state"

As God curse of the Bush/Obama Administration continues

Baghdad Unrest Kills Five, Wounds 14

"Attacks in the Iraqi capital Baghdad killed two women civilians and an intelligence officer on Monday, while two policemen died trying to defuse a bomb"

"In the Harthiya district in the west of the capital, a magnetic bomb attached to the car of an intelligence officer killed its target and wounded four civilian bystanders"

Which will bring more failure

"100 the number of foreign troops to die in Afghanistan in June, the bloodiest month since the insurgency started in 2001"

"Last year was the bloodiest for foreign forces since the Taliban were overthrown in 2001, with 521 ISAF service members killed in action or accidents. Over 1,850 have died in total"

The previous bloodiest month for ISAF forces was August last year, when 77 died"

"Watch" for the next post of the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers


Iran and the end of deference

"If western states cannot accurately ‘read' what is happening at Friday prayers; but believe the inversion; if such straight-forward events are totally misread, what does this conceptualisation say about the western political psyche? It smacks of vulnerability and impotence. Is the ‘Iran' of the western fantasy destined to repeat the pattern that ‘Suez Crisis' played to British and French weakening psyches?"

Russia complains about German seizure of Iran items

"Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told council members during a meeting on U.N. sanctions against Tehran Moscow was unhappy with the moves by "third states" to prevent the delivery of certain items to Iran.

Churkin described such restrictions, which go beyond four rounds of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, as "unacceptable" and "not in line" with council resolutions.

"Strict compliance with Security Council resolutions ... requires the need for member states to refrain from the use of additional limitation constraints ... especially ones of an extra-territorial nature," he said"

Report faults U.S. for being too optimistic about Afghan security capabilities


The U.S. military has systematically overstated or failed to adequately measure the capabilities of Afghan security forces, whose performance is key to the Obama administration's exit strategy for the war, according to a new government audit"

Outsourcing in Afghanistan: Who's Protecting Our Supply Lines?

"In other words, we're paying for the bullets and bombs that kill our own soldiers"