Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 6/16/2010

LastDayWatchers the May 15th Prophecy told you that Turkey would invade Iraq and continue to play the role of destabilizer back in 2007 (See: Iran-Iraq and the 10 who give their power to the Hidden Imam)

Turkish troops cross into northern Iraq

"The military says three commando companies and one special forces battalion penetrated two miles (three kilometers) into Iraq. It said four rebels were killed in the incursion Wednesday"

Russia hopes to sell missiles to Turkey

"Arms export company director says Turkish army has 'great need to acquire S-300 and S-400 missile systems"

Turkish group IHH says next flotilla to sail late-July

"A Turkish pro-Palestinian group said on Wednesday it will send another aid flotilla to Gaza next month, again trying to break an Israeli blockade"

You will see this destabilization will also help in producing what the May 15th Prophecy said would happen; namely; bring about the weakening of the positions of Israel (lost & Found); which will be weaken to the point of death

"Turkey, once one of Israeli's best friends in the region, into a deep freeze"

"Israeli politicians are finally awakening to the reality that world public opinion is an integral part of public diplomacy, and without it Israel is up the creek without a paddle,'' says Mitchell Barak, an Israeli pollster. "Israel is starting to feel very isolated, and Israelis don't like that feeling"

You see how 100% accurate is?

Also focus your lens on the Gate Of Islam

Iran's intelligence ops spook the gulf

"They include six Kuwaitis, including members of the emirate's military, two Lebanese and at least one Bahraini. The Lebanese financed the cell and carried intelligence concerning U.S. and Kuwaiti military installations back to the Iranian cities of Mashhad and Isfahan"

"The cell, these sources reported, was run not by Iran's Intelligence Ministry but by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the most powerful military force in Iran and close to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad"

Al-Qaeda Leader, deputy spotted in Marib

"Al-Qaeda top leader, Nasser al-Wuhaishi, the second in command Saeed al-Shehri, and al-Qaeda military leader Qasim al-Raimi have been seen in one region of Marib province, said Faisal Haidar, the General Director of al-Madina district, Marib Province"

"The three al-Qaeda Saudis top the Ministry of Interior’s most wanted list of 85 people, Haidar said that the al-Qaeda most wanted leaders were spotted in Marib province"

As God continue to compound his curse to the Bush/Obama Administrations

Iraqi officials say bombs kill 1, wound 8 people

"The officials said one of the bombs was attached to a civilian car driven by a police officer and it detonated, killing a beggar on the street and wounding four people, including the driver"

The curse which will bring failure after failure

2 US service members killed in Afghanistan

"A roadside bombing killed two U.S. service members in northern Afghanistan on Wednesday, officials said, pushing the death toll among American troops so far this month to 30"

"Several dozen Pakistani paramilitary troops are missing after Afghan Taliban militants launched a cross-border raid on a remote checkpost and dragged the hostages into Afghanistan"

"The incident comes days after a controversial British report alleged top-level ties between Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban"

"There is no doubt, however, that Afghan militants used Pakistani soil as a rear base – which is why last weekend's cross-border attack into Pakistan is unusual"

"In Washington today General David Petraeus, who oversees the war in Afghanistan, said he had presented proof to the Pakistani army chief that the Haqqani group, which has bases in North Waziristan, orchestrated a suicide attack on Bagram airbase last month. The attack killed a US contractor and injured nine soldiers"

"Analysts say Pakistan is reluctant to cut its links with the Haqqani group"

Militant Group Expands Attacks in Afghanistan

"A Pakistani-based militant group identified with attacks on Indian targets has expanded its operations in Afghanistan, inflicting casualties on Afghans and Indians alike, setting up training camps, and adding new volatility to relations between India and Pakistan"

"Two recent patrols showed how far the police had yet to go to achieve competence, much less self-reliance"

"On the first patrol, an American military police squad, led by Sgt. Gary Woodruff, was assigned to inventory a checkpoint that would soon become the headquarters for a new district. When the squad arrived, most of the Afghans were asleep. Few had their weapons nearby"

"Military officers acknowledge that the Taliban have sizable support among the population"

You will see more and more of the birth pains

Strong quake hits eastern Indonesia

"A magnitude 7.0 earthquake has hit eastern Indonesia, triggering a tsunami warning early which was later lifted"

"The quake, which struck off the eastern province of Papua on Wednesday, was initially reported as a magnitude 6.4"

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