Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 6/02/2010

LastDayWatchers with proper focus your LOUPE will put into view the position weakening, caused by the harden heart

Flotilla delays Iran sanctions vote

"The UN vote on a new round of sanctions against Iran, which was scheduled for Thursday, will likely be postponed because of the IDF raid on the flotilla bound for Gaza Monday"

Ehud Barak under fire

"A public opinion poll published Wednesday by the daily Maariv newspaper showed Mr. Barak as the focus of the blame"

"People were satisfied with him as a defense minister. This is the first time that he has faced real criticism,'' says Noam Shezeif, an Israeli journalist writes the Promised Land political blog. "In the long run, it causes real damage, because it hits him in his strong point"

" Israelis are likely to be less forgiving of the Barak-Netanyuahu duo's mishandled foreign policy"

"You can't convince Israelis that the Italians, Germans, and the new conservative British government, and that everyone is wrong, and they are the only one that sees the reality right."

More evidence that highlight the failures

Jobless Rate Rises in Most U.S. Cities

"The job market in April was tougher than a year ago in hundreds of U.S. metropolitan areas, according to data the U.S. Labor Department released Wednesday"

"The unemployment rate in April was higher than a year earlier in 291 of the 372 metropolitan areas covered by the Labor Department report"

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