Saturday, May 22, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 5/22/2010

LastDayWatchers while you are improving your posture with the LOUPE by viewing that which is inside,  keeping yourself  well Ahead of the Curve

Notice in your viewfinder how easily the paradigm shift is easily seen by wise and even the unwise, all except the harden heart!

"The agreement between Iran, Turkey and Brazil for a swap deal on the stockpile of Tehran's nuclear fuel sets the stage for a diplomatic pirouette of high significance for regional security The paradigm shift affects Indian interests"

This article is so pregnant with articulating the true realities on the ground, the LOUPE has also put this in the recommended reading section

That being from the Asian Times, now look what the Jerusalem Post has said

"Brazil and Turkey’s deal to enrich uranium for Iran wrecks any chance that the US will gain its sought-for unanimity in the Security Council against Iran.

"Even if the sanctions resolution passes, it will be Pyrrhic victory for the US that will have destroyed its credibility as a negotiator with its allies and its enemies alike"

Therefore make sure you have in your sights the going ons at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference!

You already know about the failure in Afghanistan which will continue to make itself evidenced

NATO base in Kandahar attacked by insurgents

"A security contractor at the base who spoke on the condition of anonymity said he heard about five or six explosions. One of the rockets, he said, landed near the Green Bean coffee shop on the base "boardwalk," a covered wooden walkway area that includes many restaurants and shops"

"There was a number of casualties. We saw a lot of smoke. It's a heavily populated area," the contractor said"

"Sirens began wailing a second time around 11 pm., three hours after the initial assault"

As God magnifies His Curse of the Bush/Obama Administration

BP oil spill: A deadly, brown beach leaves a bitter trail

"the mood all along the Louisiana coast was turning bitter this week, a month after the oil rig exploded 50 miles out in the Gulf, as the spill finally reached the coast. The ecological and economic damage was finally transformed from abstract speculation to miserable reality"

(See: The Curse Magnified & Compounded)

Here is the link to BP Live Video Link of Oil Spill

Again the LOUPE states this article is so filled with correct observation the LOUPE recommend you read the whole article and therefore it has placed it in 

Recommended Reading

India's course correction on Iran

"Moscow and Beijing suggest the two capitals are quietly chuckling with pleasure over America's discomfort over Iran outsmarting the Obama administration's own best instrument of diplomacy in present-day world politics - "smart power"

"India should openly join hands with Turkey and Brazil in opposing the need for a continued push for UN sanctions against Iran. No doubt, the diplomatic initiative by Turkey and Brazil creates an altogether new situation and Indian diplomacy should grasp its importance and seize its potentials"

Keep "watching" and you will see the 100% accuracy of God Word and His set times reveled by the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers