Saturday, May 8, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 5/08/2010

LastDayWatchers as you watch with your LOUPE God Curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations

Explosives planted in home of policeman in northern Iraq kill 3

"Bombs planted inside the home of a policeman in northern Iraq exploded Saturday, killing him, his mother and one other resident"

You will continual to see coming into focus the LIE of the "Awakening"; which keep getting put to sleep!

"Insurgents continue to extract their revenge, and on Friday night gunmen firing from a speeding car killed four members of the Sunni tribes known as Awakening Councils at their checkpoint south of Kirkuk"

Now zoom out to see the effects of Iran paradigm shift, that only the LOUPE courtesy of the May 15th Prophecy told you to zoom in on

Iran positive on fresh nuclear talks with West

"Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has welcomed a proposal for new talks with Western powers over his country's nuclear programme, possibly in Turkey"

Nuclear agency set to focus on Israel

"Israel's secretive nuclear activities may undergo unprecedented scrutiny next month, with a key meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency tentatively set to focus on the topic for the first time"

"Iran and Syria are regular agenda items at board meetings. Elevating Israel to that status would detract from Western attempts to keep the heat on Tehran and Damascus and split the board even further"

So while the citizen of the U.S. are under the deluge of propaganda that says the Iranian efforts are "Failed","desperate" or "missed opportunity"

You who are wise; continue to focus in on the truth; the LOUPE will show you, as the Horns congeal

Assad to sign cooperation deals with Turkey

"President Bashar Assad arrived in Turkey Saturday for an official visit, the Syrian press reported. He is expected to sign cooperation deals between the two countries"

"During the two-day visit Assad was scheduled to meet with President Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan"

"Gul's office released a statement saying, "President Assad will visit Turkey in order to hold talks on the situation in the region and the relations between the two states"

"Assad is expected to sign two cooperation deals with Erdogan, about joint communications projects and border crossings between the two states"

The coagulation will further highlight the failure

Taliban threatens Afghan offensive

"The Taliban in Afghanistan has threatened to launch a fresh offensive across the country this coming week"

"the timing of the Taliban announcement conveyed two messages - that they are still a strong force to be reckoned with, and that they still have the same position of wanting to fight the Afghan government and foreign forces"

Which leads to more plundering (Billions going down the drain pipes)

U.S. eyes Pakistani assistance after Times Square plot

"The United States is prepared to provide more assistance to Pakistan, if it wants it, in the wake of last week's attempted car bombing in New York, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said"

Despite the feeble barking of Hillary Clinton (which is really a meow), Pakistan shows it still has the leverage

Pakistan tests 2 missiles, wants nuke recognition

"Pakistan successfully test-fired two ballistic missiles Saturday capable of carrying nuclear warheads, the military said, as the Islamic nation's leader urged the world to recognize it as a legitimate nuclear power"

Focusing back on the consequences of the plundering (Billions going down the drain) that should show you the failed position Manasseh is in regarding Iran

Gates: runaway military spending may affect war plans

"Sticker shock from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq also mean President Barack Obama and Congress may be more cautious about committing U.S. forces to another costly military engagement, he said"

"I do think that as we look to the future, particularly for the next couple of years or so while we're in Iraq and Afghanistan, I think the Congress and the president would look long and hard at another military operation that would cost us $100 billion a year," Gates told reporters"

"If there's a real threat out there, the president and Congress will spend whatever it takes to protect the nation. But in situations where there are real choices, I think this would be a factor," he added"

"Asked if Iran fell into the category where costs would be a factor in deciding whether to strike over its nuclear program, Gates said it was unclear. "It depends on developments over the next year or two,"

That speak volumes!!!

LastDayWatchers let the world buy the propaganda, but you who are wise thank God for the gift of the May 15th Prophecy of which the next post is coming soon; written at LastDayWatchers 


Is America safer? (answer hell no)

Overseas, an Enemy That May Mutate and Even Grow

"Increasingly, it looks like these enemies have voted to combine talents, if not forces. Last week, a senior American intelligence official was saying that the many varieties of insurgents now make up a “witches’ brew” of forces, sharing money handlers, communications experts and, most important in recent times, bomb makers"

"So what seemed like a mission being narrowed by Mr. Obama, focusing on Al Qaeda and its closest associates (which included the Pakistani Taliban), “now seems like a lot broader mission than it did a year ago.”

Iran showing the ability to defend as well as attack, not only its territorial water but to extend the fight from as far afield as the Horn of Africa, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea approaches

Naval Drills Continue

"On the fourth day of the drills on Saturday, hovercrafts strafed mock enemy targets while vessels, destroyers, and frigates blocked their advance towards Iran's territorial waters, Presstv reported"

"In another coordinated joint operation, speed boats backed by the Air Force jet fighters, stopped a hypothetical invading enemy vessel and captured commandos on board"

"A variety of tactical operations were also conducted in the third stage of the drills, including electronic countermeasures (ECM) and disabling enemy radars and communication systems.
The third phase is scheduled to continue with reconnaissance and drone aircrafts conducting interception operations. The games ‘Velayat 89’ started on Wednesday. It will be conducted in six phases over eight days"

Turkey showing that Pakistan is not the only one with leverage

Turkish forces, aircraft hit Kurd rebels in Iraq

"The raid into Iraq, which occurred in a border region south of Hakkari"

"Three groups consisting of seven to eight commandoes each, as well as four helicopters and an unspecified number of unmanned aerial vehicles, made the incursion"

Recommended Reading

To be or not to be a pariah state

"For Netanyahu it seems to be all about the effectiveness of the cover up--hope nobody notices the gaping chasm between hype and reality and if that chasm is exposed then blame (and crush) the messenger. The actual policies that are undermining Israel's standing are not only left untouched, but accelerated and entrenched. This in turn generates a greater need to suppress the whistle-blowers, the dissenting voices without whom there is no democratic accountability, the clamp-down produces its own egregious examples of un-democratic regime behavior and so the vicious cycle in which Israel is trapped (by design of Netanyahu's government) continues"