Thursday, May 6, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 5/06/2010

LastDayWatchers today is a day to focus your LOUPE on Iraq

Kurds vow to back Shiite coalition choice for PM

"We will not veto anyone chosen by the alliances to take up the post of prime minister," said Roz Nawri Chawis, the autonomous Kurdish region's deputy prime minister"

Iraqi govt resolves oil row with Kurds

" An oil dispute between Iraq and the autonomous northern region of Kurdistan has been resolved, the central government's oil minister said in Baghdad on Thursday"

Sunni-backed party in Iraq warns of sectarianism

"The alliance between al-Maliki's bloc and the Shiite religious group that came in third place in the vote"

"made top Shiite clerics the final arbiters of any dispute"

This just show you how 100% accurate the May 15th Prophecy is!, written at LastDayWatchers


Showing that the walkout don't mean shit!

"Most other council members sent ambassadors to the dinner at the Iranian ambassador's residence in Manhattan. They included Chinese Ambassador Li Baodong"

"Japanese Ambassador Yukio Takasu indicated there had been no concrete outcome. "We are not here to negotiate, we are here to exchange frank general ideas," he told reporters through an interpreter. "There was no talk about sanctions. What is important is that most Security Council members are here."

More evidence to what the May 15th Prophecy said about Iraq

Springtime for Iran

"Just 136 of the 325 seats in parliament. The participation of Sunni Arabs, largely clustered in Allawi's bloc, would be marginal in the new government"