Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 5/04/2010

LastDayWatchers thank God he put you well ahead of the curve in regard to what is to come, so while the media is just now trying to figuring out the Pakistan extensions

The Times Square Bomb Plot: A Taliban Connection?

"Investigators are poring over every facet of Faisal Shahzad's life to see if the Pakistani-American man, who was arrested in connection with the Times Square car-bomb plot"

Times Square bomb suspect Shahzad said to implicate himself; probe expands to Pakistan

"he had received training in bomb-making in his native Pakistan, U.S. officials said Tuesday"

Pakistan makes arrests over Times Square bomb

"Pakistani authorities have detained several people in connection with the bombing attempt in New York's Times Square, intelligence officials said Tuesday"

Notice how the LOUPE pointed you in the right direction, while the media had you chasing a middle age white guy taking off his shirt! (lol)

Arrest Made in Times Square Bomb Case

"But investigators appeared to have begun to assign less significance to a man who appeared to be in his 40s who was seen on one video, and it may well be because they were close to arresting the Connecticut man"

"The New York police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, said investigators still wanted to speak to that man, but acknowledged that he might not be connected to the failed bombing"

Now the foolish ask themselves

Are the Pakistani Taliban about to go global?

"The question for counterterrorism officials now is whether the threat by Hakimullah Mehsud to attack targets in the United States is bluster or carries real menace"

So while the foolish scurry around looking for the answer to that which is self evident

You who are ahead of the curve by reason of the clear vision your LOUPE; zoom in on the paradigm shift

Nuclear Gamesmanship: Clinton vs. Ahmadinejad

"Walking out on Monday's U.N. speech by Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have been good domestic politics for the Obama Administration and its closest European allies, but it won't necessarily help them prevail at the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference that began Monday. In fact the move by delegates from the U.S., Britain, France, Canada, Hungary, New Zealand and the Netherlands, among others, may have perversely played to Ahmadinejad's advantage" (the layout of this article is well done so I also put this Recommended Reading section)

The paradigm shift causes many to ask, Is the U.S. really correct in its strategy against Iran?

Is Iran violating the nuclear treaty?

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Iran had 'violated' the treaty ahead of this week's NPT Review Conference in New York. But the UN nuclear watchdog has never used that term. Who's right?"

"Even in censure, IAEA doesn't say Iran 'violated' NPT"

"The November censure also said that Iran's new plant was “in breach” of Iran’s “obligation to suspend all enrichment activities,” and the tardy declaration “inconsistent with its obligations” under Iran’s updated NPT Safeguard Agreement"

"The two-page document does not use the word “violate.” Neither does that word appear in the 10 pages of the IAEA’s latest quarterly report on Iran from February"

You can see with proper focus, Judah feeling the pressure of that paradigm shift

Israel asks Egypt to rethink pressure on atom pact

"Israel has tried to fend off Egyptian-led scrutiny of its arsenal at a U.N. nuclear conference by urging Cairo to view Iran's atomic ambitions as the regional threat, an Israeli official said Tuesday"

""Iran may end up having to make some concessions in return for Israel doing the same, or for Israel agreeing to the creation of a nuclear-free zone and disposing of its ill-defined nuclear capabilities"

To enforce the paradigm shift Iran continues to make known the advantage it have been awarded by the Spirit of the Beast and the gift of Pawn of Satan!

Iran says plans new war games, photographed U.S. ship

"Iran announced new naval war games on Tuesday and revealed that one of its military aircraft had photographed a U.S. aircraft carrier, a day after Washington said Tehran was challenging its sea power in the Middle East"

"In exercises held in the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz between April 22 and 25, official media said the Guards tested missiles and a new speedboat capable of destroying enemy ships"

Gates: Hizbullah Among Parties Trying to Challenge U.S. Naval Power

"U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said new weapons, including those owned by Hizbullah, threatened U.S. dominance of the high seas"

"Anti-ship missiles and stealthy submarines could undermine the U.S. military's global reach, putting carriers and American subs at risk, Gates said in a speech to retired members of the U.S. Navy"

Hundreds of Billions of dollars in aircraft carriers and the like destroyed; by the well positioned.

"At the low end, Hizbullah, a non-state actor, used anti-ship missiles against the Israeli navy in 2006. And Iran is combining ballistic and cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles, mines, and swarming speedboats in order to challenge our naval power in that region"

"The U.S. military's "virtual monopoly" in precision guided weapons was "eroding" and the spread of missiles jeopardized Washington's means of "projecting power," Gates said"

"More sophisticated submarines -- that are more difficult to track -- along with other underwater weapons "could end the operational sanctuary our navy has enjoyed in the Western Pacific for the better part of six decades."

"The new "anti-access" weapons could potentially render America's costliest vessels obsolete, with vast sums of money devoted to "wasting assets," he said"

"Our navy has to be designed for new challenges, new technologies, and new missions -- because another one of history's hard lessons is that, when it comes to military capabilities, those who fail to adapt often fail to survive," he added"

That was from Robert Gates who get paid to know these things, now this is from Yossi Baidatz who get paid as well

Military Intelligence: Hezbollah Scuds tip of iceberg

"Today, Hezbollah has an arsenal of thousands of rockets of all types and ranges, including long-range solid-fuel rockets and more precise rockets."

"He added, "The long-range missiles in Hezbollah's possession enable them to fix their launch areas deep inside Lebanon, and they cover longer, larger ranges than what we have come across in the past. Hezbollah of 2006 is different from Hezbollah of 2010 in terms its military capabilities, which have developed significantly"

"The negative trends that encompass us continued to intensify. This includes Iranian nuclearization, the accelerated arming of all our enemies in a close and distant radius, and the chance of a terror attack that could lead to an escalation."

"in the past the attainment of nuclear capabilities depended on overcoming the technological obstacles, today, Iran is in a situation in which this depends solely on its decision to begin production of a nuclear bomb"

LastDayWatchers you will see long before anybody else  & well ahead of the curve, if you continue focusing with your LOUPE what is about to happen with 100% accuracy

Just like the May 15th Prophecy put you ahead of the curve in regard to the so called "Iraq Awakening"

Here is just more evidence to that LIE

Iraqi Sunnis Frustrated as Awakening Loses Clout

"The Awakening, which has been regarded as not just a movement to pacify restive areas, but also as a potential political force to re-empower Sunnis"

"That did not happen"

"The Awakening seems to be a force whose strength is waning, as it looks for a way to cling to any rung of power it can. Some wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the Awakening"

"The election was a debacle for the tribal sheiks associated with the Awakening, also known as the Sons of Iraq, in this region where it began and in Baghdad.

"Rather than building on their accomplishments in a united party, Awakening members went their own way. With few exceptions, they also did not back the former interim prime minister, Ayad Allawi, the secular Shiite who surprisingly became the standard-bearer for Sunnis. His coalition also won the most seats in the election"

"It was a bitter loss for the Awakening"

Of coarse those who are behind the curve still believe in the "success of the surge"

Which lead me to steer you into focus about the paradigm shift that is happening right now with these Recommended Readings

Instead of the chop up select version you get with the media here is the exact words of Iran President at NPT

Statement by His Excellency Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
before the 2010 Review Conference of the Parties to the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear weapons Treaty (NPT) (New York- 3 May 2010)

Great points

Israel's stance on nuclear arms complicates efforts against Iran

"How the Obama administration deals with the nettlesome problem of Israel's nuclear arsenal and the establishment of a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East will determine U.S. success or failure at the NPT conference"

"Israel has as many as 200 nuclear weapons. It has land-based missiles, bombs, and submarines capable of firing nuclear-armed cruise missiles. Its policy is not to acknowledge its nuclear arsenal. It is not a signatory to the NPT, so it is not a participant in the conference"

"Iran, on the other hand, has no nuclear weapons -- at least not yet. But as a signatory to the NPT, Tehran's steps toward acquiring nuclear weapons capability have made it a target for U.N. Security Council sanctions, initiated by Washington and its allies, that are more stringent than those Egypt proposes be applied to Israel"

"The United States is working on getting even tougher sanctions against Iran ready in a new resolution for a Security Council vote next month"

""Success in dealing with Iran will depend to a large extent on how successfully we deal with the establishment of a nuclear-free zone" in the Middle East, Egypt's U.N. ambassador, Maged A. Abdelaziz, said last week"

Wonderful article pregnant with a lot of truth

Nuclear Gamesmanship: Clinton vs. Ahmadinejad

"But Ahmadinejad had always intended to change the subject and emphasize division in the international community. His speech played to the majority of countries that position themselves somewhere between the U.S. and Iran: they oppose Iran's building nuclear weapons and insist that it comply with its NPT obligations, but are not necessarily convinced of Western accusations that weaponization is Tehran's ultimate goal. Either way, they insist that dialogue, rather than further sanctions or coercive measures, is the way to resolve the issue"

Continue to "Watch" with your LOUPE for the next May 15th Prophecy coming soon written at LastDayWatchers


Shiite Alliance in Iraq May Push Allawi Aside

"That could intensify sentiment among Sunnis that despite voting in force, they remain disenfranchised in Iraq’s new democracy. “The fear is this alliance will have a sectarian color,” Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, a Sunni allied with Mr. Allawi, said in a statement read by an aide after the announcement. “That is how Iraqis and the world will see it, whether we like it or not. This development will be a tragic step backward.”