Sunday, May 2, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 5/02/2010

LastDayWatchers did not the LOUPE warn you of the New York attack in the Binocular Snapshot on 4/28/2010?

It even warn you which group would claim responsibility when it gave you the heads up
about the Suicide blast that hits the Pakistan police!

"Extensions eventually send back to its lead source (like a extension cord), which should remind you the the original flawed statement by the Pawn of Satan

"To fight them over there"

"Keep your LOUPE focus on the 100% accuracy of God Truth"

Now see how 100% accuracy that was!

Pakistani group claims NYC car bomb responsibility

"US-based SITE intelligence group says Pakistani Taliban released video claiming failed Times Square attack revenge for death of its leader Baitullah Mehsud and recent killings of top Qaeda leaders in Iraq"

Pakistani Taliban claims NYC bomb

"The so-called Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for a failed car bombing in New York's Times Square"

With 100% focus of your LOUPE, to see how flawed is the position the Mayor of N.Y. takes

Which the same position as the Pawn of Satan George W Bush

which a damnable lie when he says

"Bloomberg said that "terrorists around the world", who want to take "freedoms" away from the Americans, always focus on the symbol of those freedoms - New York city"

The LOUPE will focus you to the real truth

"Phil Rees, the author of Dining with Terrorists, dismissed Bloomberg's comments about terrorists targeting American freedoms.

"I've spoken to Islamists for 20 years. They don't give a jot about my life style in the United Kingdom or what goes on in America," he told Al Jazeera"

"They care about American foreign policy, what the United States is doing in Muslim lands, not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the way it has corrupted many Muslim leaders, the way that it prevents democracy emerging in Muslim lands, the way that it obviously doesn't look at Palestine and Israel in equal terms."

So as you continue to focus your LOUPE with 100% accuracy zoom in on the paradigm shift

Ahmadinejad blasts U.S. before visit

"Ahmadinejad planned to offer at the U.N. conference major proposals that would allow Iran to maintain its nuclear program, his top adviser, Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi, said, according to IRNA official news agency"

Iran's Ahmadinejad heads for U.S.

"Ahmadinejad told reporters in Tehran before his departure that the NPT has failed.
"The biggest threat to the world today is the production and stockpiling of nuclear weapons," he said."

"Unfortunately the [International Atomic Energy Agency] in the past 40 years has not been successful in its mission. We have no disarmament or nonproliferation and some countries have even procured the nuclear bomb during this period," Ahmadinejad said Sunday"

Iran to propose reforms at US nuclear talks

"This is an important meeting. For some time now, committees have been formed to undertake a fundamental revision (of the NPT) in order to achieve the aims for which the IAEA was formed," he said, quoted by Fars news agency"

"If this meeting is successful in making fundamental reforms to the NPT, it will be a big stride forward towards world security," he said"

"Ahmadinejad is expected to defend Iran's right as a signatory to the NPT to master the nuclear fuel cycle, including uranium enrichment"

"He is also expected to urge other NPT signatories to pressure Israel to sign the treaty"

Showing how feeble are the effort of "isolation" against  the horns

Persona non grata: NY prepares for Ahmadinejad

"The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations was already preparing for Ahmadinejad's appearance at the UN plenum, and has requested UN ambassadors to leave the hall during the president's speech. The organization will publish ads in major American newspapers, which urge UN ambassadors to boycott the speech"

"The Christian Evangelistic organization, which is known to support Israel, published a statement calling on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is heading the American delegation at the conference, to also boycott Ahmadinejad's speech"

Despite the calls, the Iranian president is expected to address the conference Monday morning"

Syria sees victory in tourism boom

"US defence secretary Robert Gates accused Syria, in conjunction with Iran, of supplying the Lebanese militant group Hizbollah with sophisticated rockets and missiles"

"However, such concerns – far from new – have had little discernible impact on a booming tourism industry, and government ministers expect growth to continue unabated this year"

"Syria has become popular with European visitors, and even made it into The New York Times top 10 places to go in 2010, even though the US government’s blockade has prevented Syria’s national carrier from buying new aircraft, all but grounding its ageing fleet of Boeings"

"“Tourism in Syria has benefited from the diplomatic and foreign policy successes, and a good promotion programme,” Sardullah Agah al Qalla, the minister for tourism, told a conference of industry figures and potential investors in Damascus this week"

"Journalists from across the world have, of late, been invited to take tours in Syria, resulting in positive write-ups, even by the likes of Fox News"

As more failure will continue to come into focus in your LOUPE

Afghanistan reports surge in civilian deaths

"Afghanistan civilian deaths in the last month jumped by one-third over the same period a year ago, the Afghan government said Sunday"

"The surge in noncombatant fatalities is considered particularly worrisome in advance of a major Western military offensive in Kandahar province this spring"

Above all observations your LOUPE will bring into focus God Curse of the Bush/Obama Administration which will continues unbated

One dead, 80 hurt in Iraq bus bombing

"A double bomb attack targeting buses carrying Christian students and university workers near Mosul in northern Iraq killed a shopkeeper and wounded 80 other people on Sunday"

Christians targeted in Mosul blasts

"More than 100 people, including students and other civilians, were injured in the blasts on Sunday morning"

"Abdul-Rahim al-Shammari, the head of the provincial council's security committee, said a roadside bomb exploded first, followed by a car bomb moments later"

"The buses were transporting university students from the mainly Christian town of Hamdaniya, 40km east of Mosul"

"All of them were Christian students. They go in buses like that to Mosul's university after the troubled times when Christians were targeted in the past," Nissan Karoumi, the mayor of Hamdaniya, said"

Gulf Coast states brace for nightmare cleanup from oil spill

"Environmental and emergency managers acknowledged Saturday that they can't protect every stretch of coastline threatened by an uncontrolled undersea gusher spewing a massive oil slick that has spread across the Gulf of Mexico faster than expected.

Gov. Charlie Crist, who traveled to the Florida Panhandle to inspect preparations, warned the state could be facing an economic and environmental catastrophe.

"It's simply unbelievable, the magnitude of this,"

US oil spill 'growing rapidly'

"Satellite images taken of a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have shown the slick could be three times larger than previously estimated, analysts say"

LastDayWatchers really keep your LOUPE focus on this

An unlikely Iraqi leader emerges

"While he is an obscure figure himself, he comes from a family that is far from obscure," she said. "He brings the family name with him, and that would give him the support of the mainstream Shiite establishment and also the Sadrists."

"Jaafar Sadr's pedigree alone was enough to ensure that when he ran from Baghdad on Prime Minister Nouri Maliki's State of Law list, he received the slate's most votes after Maliki—albeit with a huge gulf. That secured him a seat in parliament. He also came in second in an advisory referendum Muqtada Sadr supporters held on the prime minister's post, and he was named one of their two candidates for the job"

Watch for the 100% accuracy of the next May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers