Thursday, April 1, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/01/2010

LastDayWatchers watch the continual congealing of the 3 horns for the rise of the ascension of the Son of Satan
Jumblat-Assad Reconcile, Stress Importance of Strengthening Lebanon-Syrian Ties

"Jumblat arrived in Damascus to what was described as a "warm welcome" by Assad, local media said Thursday."

Watch the these desperate attempts

China wants peaceful solution to Iran nuclear dispute

"Despite agreeing to discuss new sanctions against Islamic Republic, Beijing says will continue to seek diplomatic solution to issue."

Iran dismisses sanction threat

"Iran said on Thursday the talk of sanctions by world powers against the Islamic republic over its nuclear program is just an empty threat that has been ineffective against Tehran for the past 30 years."

Make sure you watch these desperate attempts

Afghan President Harshly Rebukes West and U.N.
Hamid Karzai blames U.S., European officials for Afghan vote fraud
Karzai lashes out at West over Afghan elections
Karzai accuses U.N., foreigners of undermining Afghanistan's electoral process

And always know the truth of the bear feet

After Iraq Vote, Iran Weighs In on the New Government 

"The ink was hardly dry on the polling results when three of the four major political alliances rushed delegations off to Tehran. Yet none of them sent anyone to the United States Embassy here, let alone to Washington."

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