Friday, April 23, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/23/2010

LastDayWatchers as you focus your LOUPE you will see God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations continue as

Bombs kill 69 in Iraq days after al-Qaida killings

"A series of bombings mainly targeting Shiite worshippers killed at least 69 people on Friday, officials said, just days after U.S. and Iraqi forces killed the top two al-Qaida leaders in Iraq in what was described as a devastating blow to the insurgency."

"The apparently coordinated attack, which occurred in a two-hour timespan, demonstrated insurgents remain a potent force despite U.S. and Iraqi claims that the terror network is on the run"

Bombings in Iraq prompt cleric to issue orders for Shiite militia

"The Sadrist movement is staunchly opposed to the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq and the Mahdi Army has in the past fought pitched battles against U.S. troops"

"There is an invitation from Moqtada Sadr to members of the Mahdi Army to cooperate with security forces," Hazim al-Aaraji, a leader in the movement, said in an interview. "This is in order to provide protection for the worshipers"

"The Mahdi Army, which clashed repeatedly with Iraq's armed forces starting in 2004, has been largely dormant since it reached a negotiated truce with the government in the spring of 2008. Its reactivation could once again heighten sectarian tensions in this country, trigger new clashes and complicate the political negotiations, already contentious, over the formation of the new government"

You will continue to see the failure mount

Two U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan

"Two American service members died of wounds after an overnight clash with insurgents in a province near the capital, Western military officials said Friday"

You will also see the the continual solidifying of the coagulation of the horns

Lebanese visit to Syria aims to boost bilateral relations

"Damascus aimed to lay the foundation for a new phase of economic rapprochement and cooperation in Lebanese-Syrian ties"

"We want our meeting to pave the way for a phase of economic rapprochement as a first step toward full economic cooperation that would positively impact economic growth in both countries,” Hogassapian said at a joint news conference with Syrian Minister of State Amer Lotfi in Damascus"

"The official Lebanese delegation tasked with re-evaluating Lebanese-Syrian bilateral deals held a meeting earlier Monday at the Grand Serail before heading to Syria to meet with counterparts"

"Headed by Hogassapian, who met Syrian Premier Naji al-Otri upon his arrival to Damascus, the delegation comprised 29 director generals of all government ministries"

Even the most skeptical have to ask the birth pain question

Is the Earth striking back?

"As it does, a volcano awakens in Iceland (with another, larger and adjacent to still-erupting Eyjafjallajokull, threatening to detonate next). The Earth shudders in Haiti. Then Chile. Then western China. Mexicali-Calexico. The Solomon Islands. Spain. New Guinea. And those are just the big ones, 6+ on the Richter scale, and just in 2010. And it's only April."

Only those that are totally alert will have their LOUPE focus on the truth of this


Precedent suggests Afghanistan Taliban could win: report

"The RAND study looked at 89 insurgencies dating to the 1934 start of Mao's uprising in China. In order to be included, the conflict needed to have killed at least 1,000 people, among other criteria"

"While current US counterinsurgency doctrine in Afghanistan broadly conforms with historical best practices, the Taliban enjoy a slew of advantages that historically correlate with insurgent success, according to a new study of 89 past and ongoing insurgencies worldwide"

"Factors that favor the Taliban include receiving sanctuary and support in another country, learning to be more discriminating in targeting their attacks, and fighting a government that's both weak and reliant on direct external support"

Make sure you see the next post of the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers


The American citizen are the most lied to society for propaganda on the face of the earth

Geithner: Bailouts may end up costing less than expected

"The government's controversial financial bailouts of automakers, major banks and other industries could cost taxpayers $87 billion when all is said and done, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Friday"

Sensing the curse is taken its toll the East maneuver into position

Chinese Naval Power Expands to Waters the U.S. Dominates

"The Chinese military is seeking to project naval power well beyond the Chinese coast, from the oil ports of the Middle East to the shipping lanes of the Pacific, where the United States Navy has long reigned as the dominant force"

"Adm. Robert F. Willard, the leader of the United States Pacific Command, said in Congressional testimony that recent Chinese military developments were “pretty dramatic.” China has tested long-range ballistic missiles that could be used against aircraft carriers, he said. After years of denials, Chinese officials have confirmed that they intend to deploy an aircraft carrier group within a few years"

As the horns congeal you will see the real winner of the so called "Success of the Surge"

Turkey and Iran in talks on post-election Iraq

"Turkey and Iran, two major powerhouses in the region with significant clout over Iraqi domestic politics, have been trying to reconcile their differences to bolster post-election Iraqi unity, diplomatic sources have told Today's Zaman. It may very well have been overshadowed by Iran's nuclear program, which has topped the international agenda in recent weeks, but the question of what will happen in Iraq after the general elections was the second most important issue on the Turkish foreign minister's to-do list when he visited Tehran on Tuesday to have a series of talks with the Iranian leadership, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad"