Monday, April 19, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/19/2010

LastDayWatchers be alerted to the harden heart, the coagulation, and the mounting failure your LOUPE should be focus on

The Harden Heart

Israeli PM says Jerusalem settlements justified

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will not accept Palestinian demands that Israel stop building settlements in East Jerusalem."

"Appearing in an interview broadcast Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America," Netanyahu called that "an unacceptable demand"

The Coagulation

Jumblat Says Coincidence of Calls to Disarm Hizbullah, Israeli Claims 'Raises Many Question Marks'

"We can establish special economic and security ties with Syria for the welfare of both countries," Jumblat added, stressing that "the past is gone and we're looking forward to the future."

The Mounting Failure

American Aid Official Visits Kandahar After Attacks on Contractors

"attacks have been taken as a sign that Taliban militants are mounting a new campaign aimed at disrupting development assistance programs, and the violence has already forced Afghans working with foreign governments or companies here to leave their jobs."

"It is particularly troubling because American and European officials have identified the civilian aid program as a critical complement to the expanded military offensive against the Taliban, designed to keep the population supporting the government rather than insurgents."

“There has been an increase in attacks on soft targets across the whole country,” one Western official said. A European official here echoed that concern: “Will it continue? My sense is it is stepping up.”

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China quake death toll climbs above 2,000

"The death toll from last week's 6.9-magnitude earthquake in northwest China has risen to 2,039, state media said late Monday."

"Another 195 people were still missing, the state-run Xinhua news agency said, citing rescue headquarters."

"It added that 12,135 people were injured, of whom 1,434 were in serious condition."