Friday, April 9, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/09/2010

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Hariri: Failure to advance peace process is a 'time-bomb'

"A failure to make progress on the [regional] peace process front is a time-bomb, a weapon of mass destruction more dangerous than uranium enrichment,” Hariri said. “Any success in dealing with nuclear developments in the Middle East depends on the success in achieving a just and comprehensive [regional] peace.”

Speaking during a joint news conference with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, Hariri slammed Israel for hindering the peace process and rejecting a just and comprehensive settlement with the Arab world.

“It is clear that the increase in nuclear weapons and extremism are global threats; although their cause should not be restricted to one major issue, I believe that the major reason behind those threats is the constant failure to end the Arab-Israeli conflict and injustice toward the Palestinian people,” Hariri said"

As God Curse of the Bush/Obama Administration continues

U.S. aircraft crashes in Afghanistan, killing four

"A U.S. Air Force aircraft crashed early Friday in southern Afghanistan, killing three American military personnel and one civilian, while wounding several others, according to NATO officials."

Recommended Reading

A Need to Shift U.S. Ambitions in Kabul

"The situation is bad in large part because at the core of United States policy and strategy vis-à-vis Afghanistan is the notion that we are going to temporarily build up to provide time and space for an Afghan partner to emerge--in the military sense, in the policing sense, in the governing sense, and in the economic sense. If this does not occur, our policy makes no sense, because the United States is not talking about staying there forever. The problem is that we clearly have a flawed partner in Mr. Karzai and his government, and it's not at all clear that the situation's improving. To the contrary, it seems to be deteriorating. "

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