Saturday, April 3, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/03/2010

continue to focus your binoculars on Iraq, and you shall see a new trend, as you have already been made known; about the Lie that was spewed by the Pawn of Satan George W Bush "Iraq Awakening" which keep getting put back to sleep!, as only the May 15th Prophecy has shown you

Sadr bloc holds mock vote on Iraq prime minister

"Sadr's anti-U.S. group's militia led two uprisings against American troops in 2004, and was accused of organizing death squads targeting Sunni Arabs during Iraq's civil war."

As the curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations continues

IIraqis in military uniforms kill 24 in Sunni area

"Some had broken arms and legs, indicating they had been tortured before they were shot, police said. One witness said many were so badly brutalized that they were "beyond recognition."

Gunmen in Iraqi army uniforms kill at least 24

"Gunmen in Iraqi military uniforms raided a village outside Baghdad and killed at least 24 people in an execution-style attack, apparently targeting a Sunni group that revolted against al-Qaeda"

Notice the fact that this was done by man in uniforms

Also the new trend of the paradigm shift

Sadrist kingmakers close 'referendum' on Iraq PM

"Iraq's Sadrists concluded an unofficial two-day ballot on Saturday over who should be the country's leader, after the bloc's strong showing in last month's election gave it kingmaker status."

And a closer look at the paradigm shift

Ahmadinejad rejects Obama's "beautiful words" to Iran

"What changed? Your sanctions were lifted? The adverse propaganda was stopped? The pressure was alleviated? Did you change your attitude in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine?"

As the failures continues to mount

Deadly day for U.S. ally Germany in northern Afghanistan

"Three soldiers die and five are wounded Friday in an unusually fierce battle with insurgents in Kunduz, then troops accidentally kill six Afghan soldiers apparently coming to their aid."

A recommended reading

British Iran Sanctions Ploy Could Send Region into Chao

"The Chinese interest in Iran is not merely in oil. China is involved in massive economic cooperation agreements around infrastructure development and trade—not only in Iran, but also in Iraq. The current Iraqi government is a close ally of Iran, and the Iranians have a great deal of influence in Iraq through political, economic, and religious channels. This extends to Iran's relations with Syria and Turkey, two of the key countries in any peace settlement, and in security and economic agreements in the whole region."

And don't forget to read the latest post of the May 15th Prophecy on 4/02 written at the LastDayWatchers

late addiction 

25 Members of Sunni Family Killed Near Baghdad

This is more proof that expose the LIE you been feed by the Pawn of Satan George W Bush "Iraq Awakening" which keep get put to sleep

Often, a mention of the family’s influential tribe, the Dulaimi, is enough to protect them. This time, it was no help.

isolation failure

Ahmadinejad: Sanctions aid, rather than hurt, Iran

"They (Americans) said they want to impose fuel sanctions. ... They don't understand that they work in our favor. They imagine we will get upset should they refuse to sell gasoline to us. ... No, we immediately tell experts to produce it," he said.
Ahmadinejad said the U.S. has failed to isolate Iran. He said the fact that Obama's recent visit to Afghanistan was not announced beforehand for security reasons was evidence of America's own isolation.
"First, let's see who is isolated. We think those who can't show up publicly among the people and directly address them are isolated, those who fear nations. Gentlemen go to a country where they have 60,000 troops without any prior announcement. Who is isolated?" Ahmadinejad said.
The Iranian president noted that his own trip to Afghanistan was announced in advance and said he was warmly received.
"You are isolated yourself, but you are hotheaded and don't understand it," Ahmadinejad said.