Thursday, September 29, 2016

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On November 8th, the real jury gets to weigh in, and if they think this Department of Justice has been politicized, they are welcome to replace it with another Department of Justice.

Gowdy told host Bill Hemmer that if American voters “vigorously disagree” with the decision not to prosecute Clinton or any members of her State Department staff, they can simply vote in a new Justice Department in November.

The Iranian negotiators were brilliant, they played a weak hand superbly and in 14 years, when critical restrictions will be lifted, the world may be in a worse position to prevent Iran’s nuclear project than ever before, in history and international politics, 14 years is the blink of an eye

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lawlessness and No Accountability

LastDayWatchers understand due to The Apostasy America has descended into lawlessness and no accountability, therefore the cries for justice rings hollow

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon denounced the reported attacks on the two hospitals as "war crimes".

In the past year, government troops have gradually broken the deadlock with the help of Iranian-backed militias and Russian air strikes. Earlier this month, they severed the rebels' last route into the east and placed its 250,000 residents under siege.

Those using ever more destructive weapons know exactly what they are doing, they know they are committing war crimes.
 The Russian, the Iranians, Hezbollah and the Syrians are saying what about your war crimes that started all this ?
 Is there any Justice for funding thugs and war criminals (so-called moderates rebel and Sunni Awakening councils) that are now wreaking havoc today?
 Is there Justice for the destruction caused by failed policies ?
 Is there justice when the change remained the same ? therefore no amount of prop could cover up the hypocrisy  
 Now today because the change remained the same, therefore the illegal, immoral and diabolical  funding continued
 Therefore the cries for justice will rings hollow which is why all we have now are photos of Syrian children's 
Who are staring at the world where for them, there are no adults, therefore little is being done, once again, worse will follow.

Therefore see what happen next with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Binocular Snapshot for 09/27/2016

LastDayWatchers the May 15th Prophecy pointed out to you through the 
Hassan Nasrallah said "The greatest battle is in Aleppo, a new phase real and strategic of military operations will be fought in the north, fighting in defence of Syria, of Damascus, of Lebanon and Iraq and Jordan.
Nasrallah accused the United States of securing the truce in Aleppo to give rebels a chance to re-arm.

Which is why you now see as of today namely this 

Syrian forces launched a major ground offensive on a rebel-held district of Aleppo, the biggest assault yet in a new campaign aimed at wiping out rebel forces and retaking a city that's key to ending the five-year war.
It will be a big victory for the regime if it takes Aleppo, because Aleppo is the biggest stronghold for FSA, there are no more cities for the FSA in Syria - they lost Homs, there is no FSA in Hama and Damascus.
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), alongside Hezbollah and Kataebat Al-Ba'ath, launched a massive offensive in east Aleppo today, storming the Takfiri defenses from four different axes near the Old Aleppo Quarter.

=Led by the 102nd Brigade of the Republican Guard, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies attacked Fatah Halab's positions inside the Farafeera District, capturing several building blocks after an intense battle this morning, meanwhile, at the Old Aleppo Quarter, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies made a big push from the Aleppo Citadel area towards the Bab Al-Nayrab District; this resulted in fierce firefights that are still ongoing at the moment.

Two years ago, the Islamic State was on the warpath, the jihadist group, treated as a backburner issue at that time by the Obama administration and more of a nuisance than a national security threat to the U.S. homeland, shocked the world with its blitzkrieg across northern and central Iraq.
An Iraqi army that was trained by the U.S. military and funded by the U.S. taxpayer to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars fled south in terror, in about 48 hours, Iraq’s second biggest city of Mosul was firmly in the hands of the jihadists; in Tikrit, Iraqi soldiers were quickly surrounded in their base, rounded up, and executed in mass graves, the rest stripped off their uniforms and ran for the hills.
It was only the resistance supplied by the Shia fighters that halted ISIS advance which was created by the United States
Just as the May 15th Prophecy told you would occur , therefore see what happen next with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers

Monday, September 26, 2016

Info on Tap

al-Qaida leaders are in seven different provinces, indicating a high level of growth since the U.S. invasion in 2001, Commander of all U.S. forces in Afghanistan Army Gen. John Nicholson admitted to reporters yesterday.

Al-Qaida operations have increased throughout Afghanistan since the end of U.S. combat missions in 2014. The U.S. assisted an Afghan-led operation in 2015 that destroyed the largest al-Qaida training camp seen in the history of the Afghan war. U.S.-backed Afghan forces raided another al-Qaida training base Sept. 19. The base was well stocked with weapons, suicide vests, and fake identification, "The US government and the military has downplayed al Qaeda’s presence for more than six years, despite evidence that al Qaeda has remained entrenched in Afghanistan some 15 years after the 9/11 attacks,"

Islamic State have regained control of most of the militant group's former strongholds in the country, their goal is to establish their caliphate, the Khorasan province, with Jalalabad as the capital and Nangarhar as their initial caliphate

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Binocular Snapshot for 09/24/2016

LastDayWatchers you will see more of the same results from Ephraim and Manasseh
Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected head of Britain's Labour Party on Saturday, Corbyn won almost 62 percent of the more than 500,000 votes cast by Labour members and supporters.
Just like Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders in the United States, the gray-bearded Corbyn has proved a hit among the party's grassroots and young people and those who opposed the Iraq war.

Jeremy has got an increased mandate, just as the May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Info on Tap

Clinton’s secret server was an end run around government transparency laws designed to hide corruption between the Clinton Foundation and her State Department, an arrangement which ultimately put US national security and sensitive diplomatic efforts at risk.

No one with judgment this bad should be allowed to serve as president of the United States or hold any public office." Miller also suggested that the immunity grants were aimed at preventing Clinton from facing justice in the case, what has become abundantly clear is that the Obama administration is protecting

Hillary Clinton avoiding accountability at all costs because she plans on keeping the rigged system in Washington in place.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Rotten One

The eyes are the window to the soul!

Mean and Screaming is that presidential ?

Therefore Watch and See what happen next with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Contractions to the Birth Pains

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 struck in the early hours of Wednesday to the southeast of Japan's main island of Honshu
The Turrialba volcano's violent explosions sent ash cloud 4000 metres into the air, temporarily closing two airports, having erupted twice in the past 24 hours, spewing ash and grounding flights in Costa Rica

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Rotten One

Watch this video and you will see why The Rotten One will lose the 2016 election to Donald Trump just as the May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed in 2007 with 100% accuracy! 

Written at LastDayWatchers


Trump is going to get major votes from black, call it TBS (Trump Black Support) 

Only those who have read the 100% accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy which have have proclaim this in 2007 KNOW THIS!

Written at LastDayWatchers

Monday, September 19, 2016

Insult to the President

President Obama says it would be a personal insults if blacks don't vote for the Rotten One Hillary Clinton, however the blacks are saying who cares if he feel insulted because our black communities are the ones being insulted, with over 50% unemployment among it members

Obama better get use to the insults, because there is major TBS! (Trump Black Support)

Therefore see what happen next with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Binocular Snapshot for 09/17/2016

LastDayWatchers know and understand this regarding the Rotten One, 22-years ago the world watched in horror as more than 800,000 Rwandans were murdered in a matter of months, by their fellow countrymen, in the Rwandan genocide and the Clinton's did nothing to stop it! - (fact)
Therefore see what happen next with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Friday, September 16, 2016

Observational note

The National Fraternal Order of Police, the country's largest law enforcement union, on Friday announced it would endorse Republican Donald Trump for president, the order represents more than 330,000 members - added to the 164 senior military officers that are endorsing him

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Binocular Snapshot for 09/14/2016

LastDayWatchers The Lord strengthen the hand of his watchman who began to write 

Then the Rotten One became like a zombie who's legs went limp and knees knot  due to the writing on the wall 

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by 5 percentage points in a Bloomberg Politics poll of Ohio, a gap that underscores the Democrat’s challenges
Trump topping Clinton, 44%-39%, among the state's likely voters, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein picked up the support of 10% and 3%, respectively, both Johnson and Stein will be on the ballot in Ohio.

The poll was conducted Friday through Monday and could possibly serve be the first indicator of Clinton's turbulent weekend. At a fundraiser in New York City on Friday night, the former secretary of state told a crowd of donors that "you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables." She later said she regretted saying half. And on Sunday, Clinton was wobbly after she left a 9/11 anniversary ceremony early, an episode her campaign ultimately attributed to a pneumonia diagnosis, though the poll was mostly conducted before Sunday's incident.

Our poll suggests more Republicans than Democrats would go vote in Ohio if the election was held today

Therefore interpret the writing on the wall with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers   

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Recommended Video

Blacks & Latinos the world is going to be shocked when they see the numbers come in 25% to 35%  vote for him WATCH & SEE!

What happen next ? see inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Monday, September 12, 2016

Know this about the Rotten One

Hillary described half of Donald Trump's supporters as a "basket of deplorables," a comment she had to apologized for on Saturday

What makes the "basket of deplorable" remark damaging is it reflect an elitist & dismissive view of millions of Americans voters, Hillary serving at the highest levels of government, and reaping significant rewards she does not understand and respect the lives of regular Americans?

To be sure, a few bad days in early September aren't likely to determine the outcome in November. There are still eight weeks until Election Day, a period that is slated to include three presidential debates. Those 90-minute forums will be a test of the stamina, the demeanor and the depths of knowledge of both contenders

The world saw her collapse, and 90 minutes later, the candidate looked America in the eye and proclaimed that she was feeling great.

So the campaign chose to lie, the potential reward was considerable: namely, an absence of politically damaging news stories about Clinton's medical condition, but the risk was enormous and it's blown up in their faces. Because now the story isn't just that Clinton is ill. It's that, once again, she's untrustworthy and this time about her own health.

Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. What's the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems?
Lie, Lies and more Lies is what Hillary Clinton does!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

On This September 11th 2016

The May 15th Prophecy warned you to watch this happen on this day with 100% accuracy

You will rot away because of your iniquity, like a garment that is moth-eaten, for the name of the wicked will rot, she and her husband brings shames like rottenness to the bones, therefore their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth
Therefore see what happen next with 100% accuracy, inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Info on Tap

Clinton doesn’t understand struggling Americans, she also has disdain for them, this was Clinton, as a defender of Washington’s rigged system telling the American public that she could care less about them

Friday, September 9, 2016

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Info on Tap

The majority of Americans do not want measured, lukewarm progressive positions that keep systems intact

Most of all, when I look at these two candidates I see a clear choice between a successful entrepreneur and a corrupt politician; a family man honest about his failings and a hypocrite involved in a sham marriage. A person with a vision (agree with it or not) for America, and someone willing to endanger her entire country’s national security with a private email server simply to hide the truth about her words, actions and beliefs. Moreover, the cynical manipulation of the Democratic National Committee to gain unfair advantage over her opponent reveals an endemic propensity for deceit. She would have won fair and square. But that’s just not her way.

Clinton voted for regime change in Iraq, saw the results and proclaimed them a mistake, and then pushed for regime change in Libya while secretary of state, achieving similarly disastrous results. 

The only lesson she appeared to have learned is that it is politically costly to put American boots on the ground, even if Trump arrived at his position that regime change without a plan for what will come later brings chaos and terror only last week, that looks pretty good compared to Clinton’s results.

How can I be sure Donald Trump will be better for Israel? I can’t. But at least he gives me hope. I fully admit that, as an American who lives in Israel, I personally loathe and distrust Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


LastDayWatchers the world is blind and lost therefore it's only natural for them to lie and to spread and promote lies and propaganda, particularly during the Presidential elections
The May 15th Prophecy on the other hand gives you the truth with 100% accuracy to the true reality on the ground and the results you will soon see, therefore understand this truth, that Trump has major black support which will astonish the blind on November 8th, call it TBS (Trump Black Support)
here is the link

Recommended Watching

Recommended Watching

Recommended Watching

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What Next ?

LastDayWatchers know and understand what happen next

Donald Trump has a two-point edge over Hillary Clinton in the latest CNN/ORC national survey of likely voters out Tuesday, as her post-convention lead has largely evaporated.
Under my administration, we will end the weak foreign policy of the last eight years, rebuild our military, give our troops clear rules of engagement and take care of our veterans when they come home. We can only Make America Great Again if we ensure our military remains the finest fighting force in the world, and that’s exactly what I will do as president

Donald Trump earned the endorsement of 88 retired generals and admirals in an open letter released Tuesday,the letter, organized by Major Gen. Sidney Shachnow, a 40-year Army veteran and Holocaust survivor, and Rear Admiral Charles Williams, ahead of a speech on veterans affairs in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The List of 88 Noted Below

1. General Burwell B. Bell III, US Army, Retired
2. General Alfred G. Hansen, US Air Force, Retired
3. Admiral Jerry Johnson, US Navy, Retired
4. General Crosbie “Butch” Saint, US Army, Retired
5. Lieutenant General William G. Boykin, US Army, Retired
6. Lieutenant General Marvin Covault, US Army, retired
7. Lieutenant General Gordon E, Fornell, US Air Force, Retired
8. Lieutenant General Harley Hughes, US Air Force, Retired
9. Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, US Air Force, Retired
10. Lieutenant General Timothy A. Kinnan, US Air Force, Retired
11. Lieutenant General Hugh G. Smith, US Army, Retired
12. Lieutenant General David J. Teal, US Air Force, Retired
13. Lieutenant General William E. Thurman, US Air Force, Retired
14. Vice Admiral Mike Bucchi, US Navy, Retired
15. Vice Admiral Edward Clexton, Jr. US Navy, Retired
16. Vice Admiral Dutch Schoultz, US Navy, Retired
17. Vice Admiral Donald Thompson, US Coast Guard, Retired
18. Vice Admiral Jerry Unruh, US Navy, Retired
19. Major General Joe Arbuckle, US Army, Retired
20. Major General John Bianchi, CSMR, Retired
21. Major General Henry D. Canterbury, US Air Force, Retired
22. Major General Jeffrey Cliver, US Air Force, Retired
23. Major General Tommy F. Crawford, US Air Force, Retired
24. Major General Felix Dupre, US Air Force, Retired
25. Major General Neil Eddins, US Air Force, Retired
26. Major General David W. Eidsaune, US Air Force, Retired
27. Major General William A. Gorton, US Air Force, Retired
28. Major General Kenneth Hagemann, US Air Force, Retired
29. Major General Gary L. Harrell, US Army, Retired
30. Major General Geoffrey Higginbothan, US Marine Corps, Retired
31. Major General John D. Logeman, Jr., US Air Force, Retired
32. Major General Homer S. Long, US Army, Retired
33. Major General Billy McCoy, US Air Force, Retired
34. Major General Robert Messerli, US Air Force, Retired
35. Major General John Miller, US Air Force, Retired
36. Major General Ray O’Mara, US Air Force, Retired
37. Major General George W.“Nordie” Norwood, US Air Force, Retired
38. Major General Robert W. Paret, US Air Force MC, Retired
39. Major General James W. Parker, US Army, Retired
40. Major General Richard Perraut, US Air Force, Retired
41. Major General Sidney Shachnow, US Army, Retired
42. Major General Mark Solo, US Air Force, Retired
43. Major General John Welde, US Air Force, Retired
44. Major General Kenneth W. Weir, US Marine Corps, Retired
45. Rear Admiral Phillip Anselmo, US Navy, Retired
46. Rear Admiral Thomas F. Brown III, US Navy, Retired
47. Rear Admiral Robert C. Crates, SC, US Navy, Retired
48. Rear Admiral Mimi Drew, US Navy, Retired
49. Rear Admiral Ernest Elliot, SC, US Navy, Retired
50. Rear Admiral James H. Flatley III, US Navy, Retired
51. Rear Admiral Byron Fuller, US Navy, Retired
52. Rear Admiral Dale Hagen, US Navy, Retired
53. Rear Admiral Charles F. Horne III US Navy, Retired
54. Rear Admiral Grady L. Jackson, US Navy, Retired
55. Rear Admiral J. Adrian Jackson, US Navy, Retired
56. Rear Admiral Frederick C. Johnson, US Navy, Retired
57. Rear Admiral Jack Kavanaugh, SC, US Navy, Retired
58. Rear Admiral Charles R.Kubic, US Navy, Retired
59. Rear Admiral Rich Landolt, US Navy, Retired
60. Rear Admiral William J. McDaniel, MD, US Navy, Retired
61. Rear Admiral E.S. McGinley II, US Navy, Retired
62. Rear Admiral Douglas M. Moore Jr. SC US Navy. Retired
63. Rear Admiral John A. Moriarty, US Navy, Retired
64. Rear Admiral David R. Morris, US Navy, Retired
65. Rear Admiral Ed Nelson, US Coast Guard, Retired
66. Rear Admiral Philip R. Olsen, US Navy, Retired
67. Rear Admiral Robert S. Owens, US Navy, Retired
68. Rear Admiral W.W. Pickavance, Jr., US Navy, Retired
69. Rear Admiral Leonard F. Picotte, US Navy, Retired
70. Rear Admiral Brian C. Prindle, US Navy, Retired
71. Rear Admiral William J. Ryan, US Navy, Retired
72. Rear Admiral William L. Schachte, Jr., US Navy JAGC, Retired
73. Rear Admiral William R. Schmidt, US Navy, Retired
74. Rear Admiral Hugh P. Scott, US Navy, MC, Retired
75. Rear Admiral Gregory Slavonic, US Navy, Retired
76. Rear Admiral Charles Williams, US Navy, Retired
77. Rear Admiral H. Denny Wisely, US Navy, Retired
78. Brigadier General Remo Butler, US Army, Retired
79. Brigadier General George P. Cole, Jr. US Air Force, Retired
80. Brigadier General Philip M. Drew, US Air Force, Retired
81. Brigadier General Jerome V. Foust, US Army, Retired
82. Brigadier General Thomas W. Honeywill, US Air Force, Retired
83. Brigadier General Charles Jones, US Air Force, Retired
84. Brigadier General Mike D. Jones, US Army, Retired
85. Brigadier General Thomas J. Lennon, US Air Force, Retired
86. Brigadier General Mark D. Scraba, US Army, Retired
87. Brigadier General Hugh B. Tant III, US Army, Retired
88. Brigadier General Robert F. Titus, US Air Force, Retired

With 100% accuracy according to God's Word inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Monday, September 5, 2016

Info on Tap

Netanyahu has not only successfully resisted Obama’s pressure to allow a Palestinian state on terms he opposed, he has also continued Israeli settlement building.

That would be Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the Israeli leader who has haunted and taunted Obama since he took office — and absorbed in return more White House animus and abuse than any other U.S. ally. In the end, Obama’s final decisions on the Middle East may be driven by another drama: the Barack and Bibi endgame.

Two Taliban suicide bombers blew themselves up close to the Afghan defence ministry in Kabul during late afternoon rush hour, killing at least 24 people and wounding 91 others, intensifying their offensive against the US-backed government in Kabul.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Info on Tap

White House press photographers traveling with the President tried to get in their usual position to mark his arrival in a foreign country, only to find a member of the Chinese welcoming delegation screaming at them.

He told the White House press corps that they needed to leave, a White House official tried to intervene, saying, essentially, this is our president and our plane and the media isn’t moving.

The man yelled in response, “This is our country!”

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Contractions to the Birth Pains

A magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck early Friday off the northeastern coast of New Zealand, prompting officials to warn residents to stay off beaches and out of the water, it was powerful enough to wake up residents in Auckland, hundreds of kilometers west of the epicenter

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Info on Tap

President Bush left a shit sandwich: two wars, the worst recession in living memory and a disastrous international reputation.

As The State Department said Tuesday it is evaluating a video released by the Afghan Taliban showing a Canadian man and his American wife warning that their Afghan captors will kill them and their children unless the Kabul government ends its executions of Taliban prisoners.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Info on Tap

There are 60,000 fighters under Iranian command in Syria, not 16,000 as was thought, suggesting West has underestimated Iran's influence

It’s no secret that Iran has a heavy presence on the ground that is not based exclusively on advisers and consultants. This data reinforces our assumptions and suspicions about Iranian involvement in Syria, but takes it much further in terms of numbers, Tehran is determined to protect and defend its supply lines to its ally Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and expand outwards from this core territory.

It amplifies the heavy political, financial and military investment in Syria, Iran is unlikely to withdraw its presence on the ground without a major shift in the power balance just as the May 15th prophecy have proclaimed would happen with 100% accuracy.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Recommended Video

You will see the same results of Ephraim and Manasseh

Brexit voters are NOT racist': Leading Remainers finally admit they were WRONG on immigration and 'ducked the debate' during the referendum

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Rotten One

LastDayWatchers some have said regarding THE ROTTEN ONE, that Hillary have a lot of experience, so lets review that experience and her so-called "dedicating her life to public service"
Before she became 1st Lady she got off a 42 year old man who brutally rape a 12 year old girl who was a virgin that put her in a coma (fact)
As 1st Lady she enabled her husband behavior to the point he was impeached (fact)
As Senator she sided with and voted for the lies and deception to the American people of the Iraq war (fact)
As Secretary of State ISIS arose, Libya and Benghazi happened, and Syria civil war started (fact)
As Presidential Candidate DNC hack proving Bernie Sander was set up to have no shot, hidden and lost State Department emails, Clinton Foundation improprieties and more to come
So I ask you, how have the Americans people benefited from any of that experience?

Therefore see what happen next with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers  

Friday, August 26, 2016

Truth & Lies

President Obama promised to give to charity honoring slain ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller — her family is still waiting for donation 17 months later
The president could have been a hero, but he chose not to

My work as secretary of State was not influenced by any outside forces. I made policy decisions based on what I thought was right to keep Americans safe and protect our interests abroad
I believe my aides also acted appropriately, the kind of work that the foundation has done, which attracted donors from around the world, is work that went right into providing services to people.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Info on Tap

Terrorist Attack on Afghanistan’s Top School Targeted Best and Brightest the American University of Afghanistan, killing 16 people

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Contraction to the Birth Pains

Frantic search for survivors of the Italian earthquake is continuing tonight as witnesses likened the hellish scenes to 'Dante's inferno' - and shocking pictures showed how four towns were almost wiped off the map.
No family or village or town will be left alone,” Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said in a national address. Saying Italy would vigorously accelerate the ongoing rescue effort, he pledged that “we will continue to find people alive

On the town’s dusty, devastated streets Wednesday, the bell tower clock was still stuck at 3:36 a.m. Three women walked on restlessly, one of them in a panicked search for her fiance. All around, rescuers plucked away at rubble with heavy machinery, pickaxes and bare hands.

Therefore see what happen next with 100% accuracy inside the +May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers